Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Vent Support

Overall our trip and visit at Scottish Rite Children's Hospital went very well! Drake's X-rays showed that his hips are perfectly in line and his spine does not show a need for a back brace at this time. While his right knee and leg are still growing at an angle due to his infection back in the NICU, surgery is not needed at this time either. However, in a few years, they may need to do some surgery to help correct the growth. We will cross that bridge when the time comes. 

Drake had a rough trip to and from Scottish Rite. He required an excessive amount of suctioning and his secretions became very, very thick. This made it more difficult for him to cough up resulting in bouts of choking. He was also not able to be off of the vent at all. We are thankful that he was not requiring oxygen, but he just could not maintain his sats off of the vent. As soon as we arrived home, I gave him an extra dose of his Nebulizer treatment that thins secretions. This really did seem to help! It does not seem to be an infection and he does not act as if he feels bad; however, he is still not able to be off of the vent. This is challenging because he has grown accustomed to his freedom from the vent, and he definitely does not like being back on full time...and he is sure to let us know that he isn't happy about this situation. We know in time his little lungs will be ready for the freedom again. If only we could explain that to our little boy.

Drake's issues could very well be caused by allergies. Kennedy seems to be dealing with some, too, but on a lesser scale. Allergy medications and breathing treatments are helping, so hopefully this will be behind us soon. For now, Drake has begun requiring oxygen support at night while he is sleeping. At least he has been able to maintain his sats during the day without needing O2 support full time. 

We enjoyed a fun visit with Aunt Mere, Uncle Aaron, Jacob & Elizabeth over the weekend! It's always fun when we are all together, and I love how well Kennedy and Jacob play together now! It took a while to get to this point, but it is wonderful to see. I also love how sweet and caring Jacob and Elizabeth are with Drake! Having so many cousins to grow up with close in age is going to be a wonderful experience for all of them! 

He doesn't love being on the vent, but he isn't letting it hold him back! Oh, and yes, I cut his hair!

I think it is impossible not to smile when he is smiling! 

Capturing the 4 of them together was much harder than it looks!

Tickling Drake!

Ice cream after swimming. The perfect end to a fun day!