Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Celebrating Baby!

Over the weekend our dear friends threw a baby shower for our soon to be addition! Knowing that our little boy is already surrounded by so much love is absolutely heartwarming! I'm currently 32wks along and scheduled for my cerclage removal at 36wks; therefore, we need to be prepared to meet baby Hayes in as early as 4 weeks! Obviously the longer he stays put, the better, but we actually do seem prepared for his arrival. Much more so than when Drake and Kennedy arrived! His nursery is set, baby clothes are washed and put away, and everything seems to be in its place. I'm sure once he is home we will realize things we still need to do, but I'm also quite sure we will survive. 

Drake is doing much better this week! The progress toward vent trials is a slow process, but he has managed to tolerate up to an hour. It will take some time, but we will get back to being off of the vent for most of the day again. These setbacks are always difficult on him and on us. He is frustrated to be on the vent and we are frustrated for him, too. He had three therapies today, and he did really good with all of them! His vision therapist is already seeing great progress, and she strongly believes his vision will continue to improve!!! 

Kennedy started dance class this week (ballet & tap). She was very excited and she did a really great job for her first day! Mimi was here visiting and helping us out; therefore, she was able to watch her class, too! Mimi wanted to make sure that she knows Kennedy's routines and where her different classes are held. This will be a lifesaver after baby Hayes is here! This morning our sweet Kennedy started running a temperature. I took her to the pediatrician and the cause is unknown at this time. I'm supposed to check back with her doctor on Thursday, and if she is still running a temp, her doctor will run labs. In the mean time, we are supposed to keep her away from Drake...that is much harder than it sounds. 

We are praying our little Drake continues to get stronger each day, and that our little Kennedy is able to fight off her virus and get better very soon! 

Mimi, me, my sister (Meredith), Kennedy & my sister-in-law (Jamie)

My sweet friends: Eleni, Andrea, me, Meredith & Kennedy

My sweet sister who was supposed to be in south Texas, but she surprised me!

My little helper!

Kennedy got Meredith to read to her. Harper was way too busy for a book!

This girl sure does love her brother!

Still working hard!

Praying music for Drake!

One man band!

New favorite thing...making a grocery list!

1st day of dance!


  1. sweet glad things are going well babies are adorable as always thank you for sharing

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  3. Drake looks stronger and better than ever before! Wonderful progress for him to make! Kennedy is sweet as always. What a doll she is.