Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Big Strides

Earlier today I posted a recent video of Drake in his gait trainer. He has really started making great strides with his progress lately! So much so that his therapist had to change his goals! We are so very proud of him! I love seeing him have the freedom of mobility and control that all 3 year olds deserve! 

Kennedy has just been enjoying being a kid and loving the summer! She is always excited to go swimming at our friends' house, and we love how well she has been doing with her swimming and comfort level in the water. She was also excited to have Drake outside to play in the water with her, too! It is difficult to have Drake outside in the summer heat because his trach ties are like wearing a scarf, and who wants to wear a scarf in 100* heat! 

I had a successful sono on Monday afternoon! Everything is looking good and our baby boy is not letting his 2 vessel umbilical cord effect him. He is clearly getting the nutrients he needs, and measuring 6 days ahead of schedule! Estimated 3#4oz! Ironically, that's what Drake & Kennedy's combined weight was a birth! 

We enjoyed a nice weekend here at home & in our neighborhood. If we had not had to get new tires for my car, we probably could have avoided town all together. We celebrated Papa finishing his radiation treatments in Houston at MD Anderson! What a fun and exciting celebration! He moved into our neighborhood two months ago, but he has been doing weekly treatments in Houston since his move. Now he can really enjoy his new lake life & living close to his grand-babies! 

Playing outside in the water!


Summer fun!

Sweet boys! If Drake is on the floor mat, Riot is right next to him!

Busy making phone calls...she pretends to call everyone...including Drake's nurses.

Sweet baby boy! It's still hard to believe that I've made it to the 3rd trimester!

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