Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Always Love a Good Report!

A trip to the doctor can go either way for our family. I am pleased to say that our past week has been filled with good reports! Nurse Lisa and I were very happy with Drake's new urologist at Children's! Usually a new doctor means that I have to recount every difficult moment from his medical history, answer questions about what his current abilities entail, and give the doctors best guess in terms of a long term prognosis. I honestly dread these conversations. To my surprise, this doctor had reviewed his medical history that I previously filled out and read over my questionnaire from this visit, too. Drake's kidneys and bladder looked great on his sono! We will continue a yearly follow-up, and only need to contact them if he has a problem. He even complimented us and said to continue whatever we have been doing because he looks great! 

Recently our insurance company contacted our pediatrician about an auditory test for Kennedy due to her prematurity. I assured our pediatrician that if we were concerned about her hearing, they would have heard from me before now. Trust me...she hears everything! However, we followed the rules and went to the ENT today for a hearing test. Not surprising to us, Kennedy passed with flying colors! 

I'm thankful for a good report at my doctor's appointment, too! I'm also thankful for good friends and family who have stepped in to help out with Kennedy while I have frequent appointments. Not only did Kennedy get babysat by our dear friends, she also got to take a trip to the zoo! Our friends and family really are amazing! Mimi is here for a few days to help out and take care of Kennedy so that I can join my friends for a Girls Day tomorrow and she will watch her during my doctors appointment on Thursday. That appointment will have my glucose test...something I did not make it to with my last pregnancy. 

Not only do I have an appointment this week, but Drake and Kennedy have their 3 year appointment, too. We are praying for these good reports to continue! We are looking forward to a relaxing 4th of July, and we wish the same for everyone else. 

I love, love, love the progress he is making in his gait trainer!!!

His smile is too much!!!

Drake meeting Mimi & Poppy's new dog, River, from CLASS (Canyon Lake Animal Shelter) 

A little more birthday celebration fun at Papa's house!

Now that Papa lives in our neighborhood, it made a fun outing for Drake, too!

A BIG thank you to Aunt Mere & Uncle Aaron for Drake's birthday wagon! This will make all of our doctor visits much easier! 

Love this girl! Playing with a future decoration for her bedroom! 

Zoo fun!

She had a better experience with the birds this time!

Checking out the black bear with Harper! 

Before, During, After

Improving at gymnastics each week!

Love this laughter! 

Evening swim with daddy! She loves walking to the water with daddy after work! 


  1. great news all the way around beautiful pictures wtg mommy

  2. I'm so happy that they both continue to do so well!!

  3. So happy that your family is getting good news. My son has a rare genetic condition and actually uses a gait trainer. I am always anxious walking into the doctor's office thinking they will find something wrong. He has already had one surgery at three months. I dread hearing that he may need another.

    Paul Quinn @ Med Care Pediatric