Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Summer is Finally Here!

School may be out for summer, but our little Drake doesn't get a break from his therapies and hard work. This past week has been busy, as usual, for our little family! We've been outside as much as possible. Drake loves being outside! He also enjoys traveling in the car, which is a good thing because we have several trips to Dallas coming soon. This past week we visited his eye doctor in Dallas. We brought up concerns about what he is able to see and process. We know that he can see, but we are not sure that he sees all of the time. We would like the opportunity to try vision therapy. His doctor was hesitant and is unsure as to whether vision therapy will help Drake or not. I explained that we don't know if it will help either; however, we would like the chance to give it a try. He has assured me that he will fill out the paperwork and mail it to us. We are under a time crunch because we need this in place before his 3rd birthday. I have been anxiously checking the mail each day. So far...nothing. I will be waiting at the mailbox tomorrow, too! Surely it will arrive this week! 

Thank goodness for family! Not only do they take care of me by coming here to help out, but they also step in to help during Drake's doctor visits. Sure, we could take Kennedy with us, but it is much easier and more enjoyable when she is able to spend time with her Mimi, aunt & cousins. Plus, we enjoy seeing them, too. Even if it is only for a short time. 

We arrived home from Dallas in just enough time to change and head to swim lessons! This time, Daddy and I were able to see "show-offs." Kennedy was beyond excited to see us! She kept waving to us from her little step while she waited for her turn. It was fun for us to experience what I believe to be an actual normal parenting event. 

Our little gymnast begins classes on Thursday! We went to the gym to purchased her leotard and see where her class will be held. She was over the moon with excitement! She loved the bouncy floor and wanted to make sure that I saw everything. What she didn't want to do was leave. We are looking forward seeing how she does this week! 

Riot is doing fantastic and he has been such a happy addition to our family! I just can't get over how great he is with the kids! Brian's sister said that he was sent to us for a reason, and we are starting to think she may be correct. 

Hopefully the endless rain will hold off for a while and we can enjoy more family time in the great outdoors. Other than doctor visits, we have been cooped up inside since fall. We'll take the heat if it means getting to play outside! 

I love watching them walk to the lake! I can't wait until Drake, baby boy and I can join them!

Taking his exercises outside!

Ugly sunglasses to protect dilated eyes.

So much more fun with cousins than at a doctor's office!

I didn't even realize there are grocery carts big enough for 3 kiddos!

Waiting with daddy for swim class to start!

Waiting her turn

Ready for gymnastics!

Chalk time!

Riot hanging out with Drake!

Testing out bikes with daddy at Walmart!

Laughing at his silly sister!!!

Helping daddy!

Daddy's little fishing buddy!

Daddy says she is a natural! 


  1. Wowzer, Riot IS a natural with kids. Not all dogs have the gift of patience and gentleness. You have a precious treasure in that dog.

  2. Yes!!!!!! Dogs are gentle gifts from God. Dog spelled backwards is GOD. I have 4 precious dogs. Life wouldn't be the same without my Bella, Dodge, Lily and crazy Lucy!!! Love your page. Praying for your family.