Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Celebrating 3 Years!

It's hard to believe it has been 3 full years since our first terrifying days and months after Drake and Kennedy were born! Back then it seemed like time was inching along...minutes felt like hours and hours felt like days; however, now time has rapidly sped up! 3??? How are they already 3 years old? 

We opted out of a party this year and decided on a family adventure instead. Our experience today was at the Dallas Wold Aquarium! So many wonderful animals to see in a day trip for our family. Drake seemed to enjoy seeing the glowing jellyfish, shark tunnel, and the regional aquariums. Kennedy loved everything! Her excitement, laughter and expressions were priceless! 

Kennedy is enjoying a sleepover at Mimi & Poppy's house tonight. It's definitely strange around here without our little girl...and quieter, too. Nurse Lisa and I will be leaving for Dallas again early in the morning for a much less fun adventure. Drake has an appointment with his urologist at Children's Hospital tomorrow. Kennedy and Mimi will meet up with us in the afternoon so that we can retrieve our little girl. 

We also enjoyed a fun Father's Day weekend! Daddy was busy helping Papa and Uncle Matt move into our neighborhood, but he worked quickly and efficiently so that he could spend plenty of time with us. A nice and relaxing pool day at our friends' house made for a perfect Sunday afternoon. 

We had such a fun time with our family outing today that we are already brainstorming future adventures...day trips or even a possible real family vacation! 

Our little birthday boy liked tasting the icing! 

Blowing out her candles and loving her strawberry cake!

Family birthday picture! 

Shark tunnel!

Checking out the fish!

A sloth!

So much to see!

"Look at the Penguins!"

Checking out the wildlife with Poppy! 

So tired!

We love our daddy!

Checking our mowers with daddy. 

Pool fun with Harper!

Swimming to daddy!

Kisses for daddy!

Great job, Kennedy!

Happy boy!