Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Uncharted Territory!

I'm officially into my 26th week of pregnancy! At this point with Drake and Kennedy, we were scared to death in the NICU in Dallas taking our days minute by minute and blood gas by blood gas. So far, so good and we pray this continues! We don't want to meet this little guy until he is fully baked & ready to come home! Every Sunday marks another week in this pregnancy and we celebrate each one. 

Drake's new occupational therapist has been working with him on cause and effect. He has been using large buttons that play music to get the effect that he wants...being moved around the room in his stander. He has really caught on and been doing so well. Today she switched him up and gave him a much smaller button that does not make any noise. We kept the effect the same...he pushes the button and he gets to move around. I was honestly shocked at how quickly he caught on with the new button. Without the music or sound, I really thought it was going to be difficult and take lots of practice. Seeing him reach out on his own to make contact with the button was beyond my dreams, and I'm sure my pleasure showed through my beaming smile! 

Kennedy lost her big girl bed (because we needed her crib back for the baby); however, now she has an even BIGGER girl bed...and she loves it!!! She was beyond excited about her new room! She keeps telling us everything that she loves about it! Her first night, she was all ready until it was time to actually go to sleep. She wanted us to stay with her. Luckily, once we loaded her up with her favorite stuffed animals and lovies, she was brave enough to sleep through the night alone. 

I'm pleased to also have the baby's room/study set up. With Brian's job, he works from home at least one day each week. Due to that...baby boy has to share his room with daddy, but I'm sure he won't mind. It feels good to have everything already set up! At this point with Drake and Kennedy we didn't have anything. I had ordered several things, but their room was still a guest bedroom with a queen size bed...no crib in sight. 

Our next project is Drake's room! We have decided to turn our dining room into Drake's room. He will still spend his days in the living room, but at night he will have his own room to catch his zzzz's. I met with a representative from a DME (Durable Medical Equipment) company about ordering his Big Boy Bed that will meet his specific medical needs. I'm sure we will be waiting another 3-6months before insurance can process and make a decision, but we are hoping to have his room complete by Christmas! 

Our little munchkins are growing by leaps and bounds! Yesterday we had their 3 year well check at our pediatrician's office...Can you believe that?
Height - 3' 0.25" (20%)
Weight - 30# 12.8oz (39%)

Height - 2' 8.64" (0.17%)
Weight - 22# 11.2oz (0.15%)
Both checked out great! Kennedy is finally on the charts...well kind of...she's making her own curve. They have come so very far in their 3 years! Looking forward to the bright future that these little miracles from God have in store. 

We love having Drake outside with us!

She told us, "I'm playing with buba!"

Swimming with daddy!

Love watching these two!

His laughter is absolutely contagious! 

He's too cute! 

So much happiness in one little boy!

Baby's room! 

All set up!

Daddy's part of the room

Kennedy's BIG girl room!


  1. What a wonderful home you have created for your children! I love seeing your new photos and updates. I am so happy for your family as you usher in a new member. (((((( <3 )))))) Gail Saunders