Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Early Easter

Mimi and Poppy came to town on Sunday for a visit! It's always fun when we get to spend time with family! We only wish we were able to get together more often. Drake and Kennedy were both eating up the attention from their grandparents! Kennedy was cracking them up as she was carrying on conversations with them. She has quite a personality! She is constantly making us laugh! My dad was able to see Drake in his gait trainer for the 1st time in person! It took Drake a little bit to get into his movement groove, but once he did, he went straight to the couch where Poppy & Mimi were sitting. 

Kennedy did some Easter Egg hunting in the backyard, and she really enjoyed it! She has been asking daily to pick up eggs outside. We'll see what she thinks on Saturday when her cousins, Jacob & Elizabeth, are here adding some friendly competition. 

I'm excited that Drake has been able to begin vent trials again! It's nice to have him disconnected from the vent...even for short periods of time! He definitely enjoys exploring movement in his gait trainer when he isn't tethered to the vent. I had forgotten how much quieter it is when the vent is off, too. We had become so used to the constant hum of the machine, having complete silence caught us off guard. 

To celebrate my birthday, Brian and our friend Chris, cooked some delicious crawfish! Several friends in our neighborhood came over to enjoy our crawfish feast! The boys did an excellent job! To combat the mosquitos, I mixed up a natural repellant using my Young Living oils. I sprayed both Kennedy and myself with it, and I am happy to say that we are both mosquito bite free! However, Brian did get many bites! He asked why I didn't offer my concoction to him and I told him that I had to make sure that it worked. Plus, I figured he would make fun of my for using the oils...that is until he knew they worked! Next time we will all get sprayed down! 

Monday was my actual birthday and Brian took Kennedy grocery shopping so that they could cook a nice dinner. Kennedy loves going on outings with daddy! He said she was busy naming all of the colors that she saw in the produce section when a random lady asked how old she was. When he told her 2 and a half, she was very impressed at how well she knows her colors. We think she's a pretty smart cookie!

This Friday, Saturday and Sunday we will be our first weekend without a day nurse. Brian and I will be working together to do the best we can for both Drake and Kennedy. Brian is going to be solo on Friday evening with Drake while I meet a couple of friends for dinner with Kennedy and Harper in tow. Harper's dad will be out of town and her mom has softball games to coach that night. This will definitely be an adventure, but I think it will be fun, too!  

He just loves being outside!

Tickle time!

Little Diva!

Kisses from Daddy!

Little cutie running errands with mommy & daddy!

Mommy's 1st time to joins Daddy & Kennedy at the park!

"I got you, daddy!"


Snuggle time with Mimi!

Thank you for the Easter baskets Mimi & Poppy!

He really likes the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song!

Egg Hunt

Thanks for the help, Mimi!

I think she is ready for a real Easter Egg Hunt! 

Shopping with Daddy!



Such a good helper!

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