Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring is Here!

We are beyond excited to be able to spend quality time outside...all of us! We have been on several walks in our neighborhood, and simply enjoyed the beautiful weather from our backyard, too! Today we even took Drake outside on a vent trial...without his vent!!! He did amazing! We definitely plan to get Drake out as much as possible during the spring, summer and fall. I'm sure he gets tired of being stuck inside of the house all of the time...I know I sure do! The sweet sunshine is good for our soul, and I'm sure the vitamin D helps, too! Drake seemed absolutely relaxed and at ease while I was pushing him in the swing. His breathing was calm and easy...he just seemed comfortable. 

Our little Kennedy has done amazing with potty training!!! She is doing great telling us when she needs to go. If we need to leave the house, we have her "try to go" (and she always goes) right before we leave. We took her out to dinner to celebrate her accomplishments! She even went potty at the restaurant! We also took her to the Brookshire's Wildlife Museum as a special treat! We also wanted to squeeze in as much out of the house fun as we could while we still have our weekend day nurse. This weekend will be her last weekend with us. After that, it will be a while before we will be able to go anywhere on the weekends. Of course daddy can take Kennedy on outings or I can take Kennedy, but the three of us will not be able to go anywhere together. Even after we find a replacement, it is going to take some time before we will feel comfortable leaving Drake with him/her while we run errands. 

Although, we have come up with a fun outing for our entire family...we are planning to take both Drake and Kennedy to the Cherokee Trace Wildlife Park in Jacksonville soon. It's not that far from here and we will be able to drive though at our own pace. Drake loves to ride in the car and look out the window so this seems like a perfect family outing! Hopefully we will be able to go sometime in April. 

So here's to spring, to blooming flowers and brighter days. 

Lol...she went inside her playhouse to get her phone and pretend to take pictures like mommy.

I love how he is holding on with both hands!

Just chillin' 

A fun lawnmower ride with daddy!

Gait trainer time outside!

She asked to hold her bubba...the sweetest thing!

Sharing her love of books with Drake!

A special treat at our dinner out with friends!

The Brookshire's Wildlife Museum! 

Sharing a little ice cream with daddy before bed!

Helping mommy make pancakes! 


  1. So precious. The little miracles.

  2. Isn't the Brookshire ' s museum great? My sister & I carried our children there when they were little. So many things to do around here. I hope Drake continues to do well with going off his vent & gait training. The days are pretty, except today. Stormy at my place right now.