Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Rain, Rain Go Away!

We have been bombarded with rain, and plenty of it! Rain is good, needed and appreciated when it's not overflowing our lake. We've definitely had more of a flood since we've lived here, but it is starting to get too close for comfort. Hoping for some much needed sunlight to start drying out our yard. 

The rain brings with it an elevated humidity level which is hard on Drake's lungs. Poor little Drakey needed additional oxygen support starting on Saturday night. We also had to back off of his ventilator wean settings ordered by his Pulmonologist. The wean schedule was a step down schedule as tolorated by Drake. Since he was not able to tolerate, we have been forced to take a pause. We will try resuming things in the next few days. He's still done very well with his therapies, and his stamina is almost built back up to his norm.

Kennedy and I are working on potty training. She has so much patience sitting on the potty. She doesn't complain or try to get up. She "reads" books, has me read books to her, and watches her new show of choice "Paw Patrol." We have had some successful pee-pees in the potty, which she is quite proud of, and only a couple of accidents. She loves getting treats for using the potty! I've looked up many strategies on the Internet, but gladly accept any helpful techniques from parents who have already mastered the art of potty training.

Following his last stint in the hospital, we have kept his therapy schedule more spread out and gradually worked him back up to his usual activity level. We are thankful this has made a differences, and we pray for continued seizure free days. 

His happy smile is back!!!

Best friends!

Daddy put her "new to her" playset together!

Ready to tackle the slide! 

Started out great!

Got a little fast! It must not have scared her too badly because she wanted to go over and over and over and over again! 

Our sweet happy girl! 

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  1. beautiful as always ty for sharing continued prayers for your family