Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Sunny Days

After what seems like forever of dreary rain, we have enjoyed two beautiful days of sunshine! We took the opportunity to soak in as much outside time as possible! Drake even got to go for a nice long walk with us yesterday! He absolutely LOVED being outside. He was in his wheelchair/stroller which he has been fussing lately if we put him in it inside the house; however, outside he didn't fuss one time. He was calm and happy! I was afraid of him getting too hot (he's hot natured & his vent makes him even hotter) but even a little sweat didn't bother our boy. We sat in the shade on the patio after our walk and he watched & listened to Kennedy play. I felt bad when we finally took everyone inside, but it was time for Drake's breathing treatment & dinner.

Kennedy has been a little rock star with her potty training! We are extremely proud of her! Today she even told me she needed to go pee-pee while we were playing in the backyard. I quickly took her inside & sure enough she went potty. Then she was ready to come back outside and resume playing. This is a huge step! She had an accident playing outside the other day because she didn't want to stop to potty. 

We do have some bad news this week...we are losing one of our new nurses. She has been working for us 3 days each week and working at a clinic (where she has worked for a while) 2 days each week. Well, the clinic offered a big promotion and increase in her pay. We are happy for her, but sad for us. We can definitely see why they are snagging her back...she's great! Now the search is on for a replacement. We will be praying for someone who will be a good fit for our family. It's hard on all of us adjusting to new nurses. Our current nurse will be with us for the next two weeks, which will give our nursing agency some time to look for a replacement. 

The good news is that our week has been filled with more positives than negatives. We will continue to focus on the positive, and pray for a new amazing nurse to join our care team! 

Soaking in our sunshine! 

I absolutely LOVE getting this little guy outside!!!

The crew watching Kennedy slide down the slide. 

The girls are always ready for a walk!

As you can see, our lake is still a little high. 

Enjoying his time in the gait trainer!

That SMiLE!!!!!

All worn out!

Little goofball!

Photo of Drake captured by Kennedy.

Apparently Daddy gives better treats for using the potty! Kind of makes my single M&M not look like such a great treat. 

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  1. beautiful good look on finding the just right replacement nurse