Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Family, Fun & Now a Sick Little One

Over the weekend we had the wonderful treat of Mimi & Poppy visiting for two whole days!!! This made for two very happy little children! Aunt Meredith, Uncle Aaron and their two kiddos, Jacob & Elizabeth, came for the day on Saturday! Our house was full of kids and it was definitely noticeable...running, playing, laughter, toys...and a few tears, but they didn't last very long. Our little Easter Egg hunt was definitely a success! They were so excited and eager to get started...On Your Mark, Get Set, GO! Kennedy even headed out without her basket! Jacob was really quick with egg gathering, and he was sweet to share. Kennedy shared with Drake, too! It was nice to be able to have Drake outside with us and off of his vent! Mimi & Poppy said it was almost more fun watching us parents rather than the kiddos! 

Sunday was full of rain storms and we found ourselves without power for the majority of the day. Once again we were thankful for our generator which allowed us to continue with Drake's scheduled breathing treatments, CPT vest, and kept his vent running without using up all of our battery backup. We purchased our generator several years ago during hurricane Ike when we were without power for almost a full week. Little did we know how much we would rely on it in the future. Definitely a good investment! 

Last night Kennedy woke me up crying at 2am. When I got to her room, I was alarmed to find that she had thrown up and was burning up with fever. I cleaned her up, gave her Tylenol, started laundry, and took her into the guest bedroom for the remainder of the night...and of course I stayed with her. We battled her fever for the rest of the day. Even with a fever of 101.5, she still wanted to play and run around the house. She's a pretty tough kid who is hard to slow down. I am happy to say that tonight at bedtime she was finally completely fever free! I'm praying this will last! We are scheduled for the pediatrician in the morning. Of course, Kennedy has been wanting to see Drake and give him hugs all day. Poor little thing really doesn't understand why she has to stay away from him. Instead of the nightly hug & kiss she usually gives him, she said, "night, night" to him from a distance. 

We will continue to work on tackling this little hurdle of sickness while doing everything in our power to keep Drake healthy. We opted against his vent trials today so that he was only breathing the filtered air from his vent rather than room air. Lysol is our best friend right now! Praying for healthier days ahead and a good report for next week! 

Thank you for the bunny ears, Stacy & Grace! 

Snuggle time with Mimi!

I love how we have gotten so much use out of this outfit! It finally fits the way that it is supposed to fit :)

Baby boy sucking on his thumb! The fact that he is now able to do this on his own and hold his hand there for an extended period of time is such an accomplishment! 

So sweet!

Family Easter picture!

Mommy/daughter picture! 

Egg hunt!

So much fun!


Jacob shares, too!


All about the eggs!

Playing in Uncle Aaron's car...she found the sun roof! 

All through the house! I love it!!!

Someone is excited about her toddler bed!!! Such a big girl! 

Dying Easter Eggs! 


  1. Great news about Drake! Hopefully, Kennedy is well so she can kiss Drake good night. He is really growing fast. Love his hair.