Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Nights Are Long...

This time last week, we only had one nurse. We are thankful to have Lisa, who has been working overtime, but we still need more nurses. I am happy to report that we have our other day nurse position filled! We also have a night nurse beginning on Feb 12th! However, in the mean time...we have been without a night nurse. The nights are actually really easy...that is if you are not awake all day long, too. We are making it work and catching sleep when we can. I just know with a little more time we will have the perfect set of nurses in place for our little man! 

The Home Medical Equipment Company that brought out the demo gait trainer told us we could borrow it for a week. As of today they still have not picked it up, and we couldn't be happier about their oversight! We know that eventually they will have to come and get it to try with another kiddo, but in the meantime...we plan to get all the use we can! I am amazed at how much Drake improves with it each and every day! I really think I may literally cry when they come to take it away. Drake's has been ordered, but as I have mentioned before it will take many, many months of dragging through red tape before his is finally approved. We will pray for a speedy process! 

Kennedy and I made a day trip to McKinney on Saturday to celebrate two very special "soon to be" baby boys! First, was a baby shower for my sister-in-law who is due with my little nephew on April 5th. Next, we grabbed a quick lunch with family before attending our second shower of the day. Shower number two was for Kennedy's primary nurse from the NICU. We made some wonderful and lasting friendships with our NICU staff, and we love celebrating the happies in their lives! I am over the moon excited for both of these couples! 
Kennedy has thrown us for loop over the past few days. She has thrown up one time each day since Thursday. It is puzzling to her doctor, too. She shows absolutely no other signs or symptoms. She also doesn't act like she feels bad and it hasn't slowed her down a bit. She is still eating and drinking; therefore, we are monitoring her over the next couple of weeks. If her vomiting continues, we will need to take her in to see the doctor. We are praying this with resolve itself very soon! 

Our little nurse checking Drake's O2 level 

He was a good sport about it!

He is doing so good!!!

Who needs pants? 

The point of this chaotic picture is that Drake started next to Kennedy and moved across the room in his gait trainer all on his very own!!!! This is such a BIG deal!!! So proud!!!

All that moving wore this little guy plum out!

Getting ready for the shower. She thinks she's a big girl!

Our little diva at the shower on Saturday! 

Oh, this girl! 

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  1. beautiful pictures as always love the one of drake moving across room so happy for him and i know you are proud ty for sharing