Tuesday, January 27, 2015

High & Dry

On Sunday night we were worried and a bit dismayed when our night nurse did not show up for her shift. She's been with us since we came home with his trach last April, and she has never missed a shift without calling in ahead of time. I attempted texting and calling, but her phone was no longer in service. I called our nursing agency and they were surprised, too. The after hours employee began calling all contact numbers she had as well. We called the local hospitals worried she had been in a car accident along the way. Finally, the nursing agency got in touch with a family member who gave them her new phone number. She would not answer calls from the agency but eventually did text them back. She told them she put in her two week notice on Wednesday; however, our nursing agency only has record of her talking about possibly putting in her two week notice. Nothing was ever turned in in writing (a company policy). Plus, a 2 week notice means that you work for an additional two weeks. I really cannot explain how hurt we felt! Abandoning us is one thing, but to abandon Drake...that is unforgivable. This was a nurse whom we truly believed loved our son, and clearly we were mistaken. Yes, tears were shed on Sunday night. 

On Monday, I felt anger after learning that after 9 months of working in our home and caring for our son, she decided to quit without giving us any notice at all because Brian told her last week that we really need her to be on time for her shifts. Then I spoke with my wonderful sister-in-law who is full of excellent advice! She informed me that yes, it sucks right now, but we are going to be better off. I definitely needed to hear her advice, because I was feeling overwhelmed...not just because I worked the night shift Saturday and Sunday, but because of the whole situation. We prayed for strength, energy and to find nurses who will be a good fit for our family. 

Mimi to the rescue! My wonderful mom came to stay with us this week to help out so that I can try and get some sleep during the day time while she watches Kennedy and Harper. Last night our little man showed Mimi all of his tricks! She experienced a mucous plug and emergency prep for trach change with Brian and me. Shortly after that he pooped through his diaper, pjs and on Mimi's pants. Oh my goodness, Drake! Good thing Mimi loves you! I'm very proud of Mimi for recognizing that Drake was not moving air correctly even connected to the vent, and she asked us to check on him. 

Today was a good day! Despite the fact that last night was a long night with very little sleep; today we received good news! A nurse who wants to take Nurse Angie's position passed the trach/vent class today and will begin this week! This week she is going to work 3 nights (thank you!) and next week she will begin days. Also, a nurse who has been working with us PRN (as needed) may be coming to work with us full time taking the night position of the nurse who abandoned us. We have been really happy with him and are excited about the possibility of having him join our care team!

A bright note from this weekend was a fun Daddy/Daughter day!!! Brian took Kennedy out to lunch and to the park! She had a blast! She even came home with a Minnie Mouse figurine from Target. They clearly ventured out of the pharmacy where I sent them. 

I realize that this entry is truly my venting over a very frustrating situation that will eventually work itself out in the best possible way, but lack of sleep will do that to anyone. Maybe by next Tuesday when I write again, I will be well rested from several nights of good sleep!  

Big boy in the gait trainer!

Sending birthday messages to Poppy!

1st time in the gait trainer! This is a demo that we get to borrow for a short time. Drake's is on order...hoping to get it in 4-6 months.

So proud to help take bubba into Scottish Rite! Mimi picked her up shortly after we arrived. His hip X-rays look great! While his knee, of course, does not. The doctor is going to continue watching it every 6 months. He doesn't want to do surgery at this age because he would have to do more surgeries as he ages. It isn't hurting him or inhibiting him from doing any standing; therefore, we will just keep a close eye on how it continues to grow. 

He looks so grown up!!!

Taking Harlee for a ride!

Daddy/Daughter date!!!

Fun at the park!




  1. so sorry you had nurse troubles it will all work out god will bless you with someone better wonderful progress for drake and kennedy love your posts ty

  2. It just broke my heart to read about your dismay with the nurse snafu. You seem to handle so many obstacles with grace --- that you are certainly entitled to vent.
    Thank you for sharing Kennedy and Drake's life with us all and know you have any prayers release to heaven.

    Sally ---- old family friend of Janice's from Pleasant Mound