Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Drake 4.0

He isn't new and improved...although, he does show improvements each and every day. He has moved up from a size 3.5 trach to a 4.0. He has been ready to move up for a couple of months now, but during trach changes I met too much resistance trying to put it into place. I simply did not feel comfortable forcing it into his neck; therefore, we took it with us to vent clinic today and let the professionals work their magic. This is going to be a good change for Drake. He's becoming a big boy and he needed to move up to a big boy trach. 

Vent clinic went really well today all the way around. His chest X-ray looked great and we have been approved to begin vent trails again. This means Drake will once again spend some time each day completely off of the vent. We will begin tomorrow with 30min two times each day and gradually increase weekly as tolerated. Our goal is 2hrs two times daily by our next vent clinic in April. Having him off of the vent, even for short periods of time, allows us such a sense of freedom within our home! 

Daddy had to leave for a business trip on Valentine's Day morning at 4:30am. Kennedy keeps checking the driveway daily to see if Daddy has made it home. We are definitely ready for him to be home on Friday! We did have a surprise visitor this weekend...Yea-Yea (Brian's mom) came to visit!!! We always LOVE visits from grandparents, but this mommy really appreciates it after two nights in a row of night duty! Yea-Yea made it possible for me to take a much needed nap! What a treat!!! She also cooked us dinner and cleaned the kitchen. Grandparents really are the best! 

I love watching Kennedy and her caring nature! I can hear myself coming through when she is talking to Drake and Harper. She really listens and takes in everything she sees and hears every day. I have to be honest...the way that she interacts with Drake sometimes catches me off guard and brings tears of joy to my eyes. I'm pretty sure I saw the same in Lisa's eyes today, too. 

After Drake's diagnosis, we had to grieve the dynamic we had envisioned of Drake & Kennedy interacting together. Although what we have today is not what I had imagined in my head during pregnancy, it is a bond I am extremely thankful for between our children. In the past I had shed tears of sadness over things and experiences they would not be able to do together. Now I am able to see through a new perspective just how much they are able to enjoy each other's company. Each one of them is able to teach the other new and valuable lessons every day. Brian and I are both grateful to now be able to see what was once a heartbreak is now a blessing. 

Hugs for bubba!!!

Kisses, too!

Wearing Daddy's hat!

Yea-Yea brought a table & chairs that used to belong to cousins Alyssa & Hannah!!!

Hanging out at 4am isn't so bad when it's with this little guy!

Silly pictures for Daddy! I love that they are both looking at each other! :)

Such a good workout! 

He is getting better & better with this gait trainer! 

Attempting to stow-away in Daddy's suitcase! I don't blame her...we told her he was going to Disney World to see Mickey & Minnie!

"Mom, I'm trying to concentrate here!"

"I'm running!"

This laugh!

My little sweetie-pie! 

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