Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Calm & Quiet

For our little family, the past week has been pretty calm and quiet. This is certainly not something we are going to complain about. Last year at this time, our lives were in a crazy disarray with Drake in the PICU in Dallas. We were in a winter weather mix at that time, too. Calm & quiet at home is a trillion times better! 

Daddy arrived home from Florida late on Friday night! We were without a night nurse on Friday and Saturday nights. I'm thankful that daddy was home to take care of Kennedy and Drake had day nursing which allowed me to take naps. Brian and I even watched a movie in our living room on the big TV Saturday night! Which we normally don't do because Drake sleeps in the living room and the nurses are working on their notes in there, too. 

Drake's new pulse-ox machine arrived on Friday which made a huge difference! After the 1st of the year our old DME company was no longer working with our insurance, which made it impossible to get more probes for our machine. Without probes, our machine was useless. I have been battling with insurance since December trying to get a new machine covered. Having a continuous monitor on him while he is sleeping is the only way for us to ensure that his oxygen saturations are staying high enough. For the past few months, we have only been able to spot check with a finger monitor. This was unacceptable! Each letter of denial that we received only fueled the fire! I'm thankful for Drake's doctors who all sent letters of medical necessity on his behalf. Hard work and perseverance finally paid off! 

Kennedy, our little helper, is wanting to assist more and more with Drake. She follows directions really well and shines with pride after completing a task. She is ready for some nice weather so that we can play outside again. Although, we are hoping for enough snow in the morning to have some cold weather fun!

Starting Friday night we officially have a full nursing crew! This should allow me to hopefully catch up on some sleep I've been missing the past few months...no guarantees, but I am hopeful! 

Daddy's home early due to icy weather!!!

Silly girl! Reciting her favorite lines from Frozen while we watch. Seemed like an appropriate choice based on our weather!

Breakfast with her dolly & doggy! 

I had to try him in the rocking chair!
Snuggles with mommy!

Loving Mommy's rocking chair from childhood!

She also loves mommy's old rocking horse!

Pure awesomeness! 

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