Tuesday, February 10, 2015

365 days...

One year ago tonight, the weather was freezing, the roads were icy, Brian was out of town on business, and Drake was being admitted to the Pediatric ICU in Dallas. Needless to say, it was a scary night! 10 days later he had surgery and received his trach. We spent the next two months in the hospital recovering and learning his care before we could bring him home again. Tonight, as I am typing this, I am sitting with my sleeping angel and listening to the constant hum of his ventilator in the background. During those long months in the hospital, we did not get much sleep. Being home and shorthanded on nurses, we do not get much sleep either. However, I will take this lack of sleep at home over the hospital any day of the week! 

We have a new day nurse who has replaced our sweet nurse that we lost to the NICU. While it was a loss for us, it was a gain for all of the sweet preemies that she is helping. Our new nurse had a great 1st weekend and she is working out wonderfully! She loves our sweet boy (prereq #1) and she is eager to learn his total care! We are thrilled to have her on our team! We now have two nurses on staff! 

Next week, our new night nurse for 4 nights each week will begin! That will leave one position (3 nights/week) open. Today we met a nurse who wants that position and she will be able to start in 2 weeks! That means in two weeks we should have a FULL nursing staff!!! I'm pretty excited about this, and not quite sure how long it will take my body to adjust to actually sleeping. 

Sweet Kennedy and I attended a baby shower on Saturday for one of my dear friends and former teaching colleagues. I can't wait to meet her baby boy! Kennedy honed in on his peddle car as soon as we arrived, and she got a chance to test it out before we left. Definitely a toddler approved toy! It was a fun treat to get out of the house and catch up with dear friends! 

Drake has been doing outstanding with his therapies! Luckily, we still have the gait trainer on loan and he is getting stronger every day! His physical therapist has noticed a huge improvement with his weight bearing during his sit to stand exercises. He initiates the standing himself and holds for much longer periods of times without letting his legs buckle. 

Over the past year we have had setbacks, but we have also had huge progress! I can't wait to see how far we will come in the next 365 days, and I'm looking forward to every step along the way! 

We've discovered that Drake LoVes the new Budweiser commercial (or at least the music)! 

Practicing standing in therapy!

Great job!

Just watching a little Bubble Guppies with bubba!

She loves her baby doll, and she is really good at taking car of her! Although, she did tell me that her baby doll had a poopy diaper and she handed her to me...she must have learned that from daddy!

Friday night fun!!!

Baby shower time! Peddle car is toddler approved!✔️

All dressed up! 

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