Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Patience is a Virtue

The phrase 'patience is a virtue' means the ability to wait for something without excessive frustration. This is exactly what we are trying to do. I say trying, because I have to admit that from time to time the frustration takes over, but we are working diligently on our patience. Imagine a child who has been eagerly counting down the days to Christmas on a calendar (even marking the days off one by one) and then when the countdown is over, that child finds out Christmas has been moved. It's pretty disheartening. That's why Brian, Lisa and I make a great team. Whenever one of us gets overly frustrated, we calm and reassure each other that the end is near...even if we can't mark it on a calendar. Everyone here at OCH (Our Children's House) is wonderful...we are just really ready to be home. 

Drake is doing good! He isn't sleeping as much as we would like, but he is remaining calm. I think he is doing remarkably well considering how many teeth he has coming in right now...especially the molars. Yikes! They look painful. He went into the hospital back in early February with 4 teeth and he is going to have a mouthful before we get home. He is continuing with the 5hrs off of the vent breath rates, 3hrs back on and 5hrs off again. 

Little Miss Kennedy is ready for us to be home, too! We have enjoyed this nice weather and being able to play with her in Gran & Poppy's backyard on the nights when we are there. It's fun to watch her feel more comfortable exploring her surroundings. Yesterday morning, before I headed to the hospital, I got her dressed for the day in a cute spring/summer outfit. We didn't have any sandals that would fit her, so she was running around the house barefoot without a care in the world. What does a grandma do in this situation...she takes her to the outlet mall and buys her sandals :) Thank you, Gran! On their drive Gran noticed a whistling sound. Where was that coming from in the car? Oh, that was Kennedy with her lips pursed in her car seat whistling away. Too cute! Just like her Poppy! Also, that evening she walked up to Gran and said, "I poo-poo." Sure enough she had a dirty diaper that needed to be changed. So proud of both of our babies!

Arrrr...you kidding me...we aren't going home today?

A little backyard fun!

My sweet college roommate sent Drake & Kennedy a present! She loves it!!! 

While teething this is his favorite thing to do! We are so happy that he is able to hold his own hand to his mouth for extended periods of time! Way to go, Drake! 

Daddy said she looks ready for the beach!

Just hanging out in my chair.

Thank you for the teether, Aunt Mere & Uncle Aaron! 

Playing in the backyard with mommy! 

Who knew that leaves and sticks could be so much fun?! 

Drake's stages of falling asleep. The last picture shows he is having sweet dreams :) 

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  1. beautiful babies hopefully home soon