Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Search Continues

 We are still working on finding home nurses to fill our empty slots. So far we have two nurses: Lisa is our day nurse (should be 4 days/week...she is above and beyond that for now) and a night nurse for 4 days/week. We have been really pleased with our new night nurse! If only we could clone her for the other 3 nights and clone Lisa for the other 3 days. Lisa and I experienced yet another Meet and Greet with a nurse who seemed eager to start only to find out from the agency that she wasn't willing to take on a trach and vent patient. So for now...Lisa, Brian and I take turns splitting up his night shifts and we continue our search for additional nurses. 

Drake is doing great and he is loving being home! We are still working on adjusting back to days and nights after his hospital stay, but that will improve with time. Even though he doesn't go outside, this crazy Texas weather still has an effect on his secretions; therefore, we are suctioning his trach more frequently. The good news is that we have been able to wean his oxygen support down from 1/2 liter to 1/3 liter. A small step, but progress none the less. He loves bath time in his bath chair, and he is tolerating his daily trach care nicely. 

Kennedy is a happy toddler who clearly loves and cares for her brother. As soon as she wakes up from the night or a nap, she asks for her bubba. She is eager to help with his care, too! We are allowing her to do little things that make her feel proud. She really is quite helpful...she even helps with the laundry! She stands in front of the dryer and I hand her clothes from the washing machine that she places in the dryer. She has also been having fun playing outside (when the weather is nice). 

With the help of our night nurse here with Drake inside, Brian and I were able to enjoy a crawfish boil out back with some of our close friends. This was such a treat!!! Kennedy, Brian and I even took a nice evening walk! Eventually we will be able to enjoy these luxuries with Drake, too...and we are looking forward to that day! 

A nice evening walk! 

"Look dada!" 

Just a little morning walk in her pjs.

Tummy Time!

This boy loves his tummy time! 

The 1st thing she wanted when she woke up was to climb into the pack and play with her bubba!

Bringing bubba toys

Sweet dreams!

Morning monkey kisses!

I'm not sleepy.

Just hanging out!

Outside fun!

We may need a bigger wagon :)

FaceTime with cousin Jacob! 


  1. My prayers for you guys is to get A+ nurses around the clock to help with your precious angel. His curls are beautiful! What a handsome little guy! May the Lord bless you all! Shelley Cauthen

  2. beautiful pictures as always god will bless you soon with great nurses to take care of drake bless your family