Tuesday, April 29, 2014


By "episodes" I wish that I was referring to our favorite tv show, but unfortunately I am not. Over the weekend, which we survived solo...no nursing, Drake had some allergy issues which caused some extreme desatting episodes. We had to use the ambu-bag a few times, increased his oxygen support, and Brian "MacGyvered" a way to bleed oxygen in during his breathing treatments. He had another episode on Monday at the end of his speech therapy and the beginning of his physical therapy. This caused quite a scare for his two new therapist, and I even received a text checking on him today. The good news is...he is doing much better today! We have weaned his oxygen support down considerably, and he has been episode free for over 24hrs!!! 

Kennedy had a BIG weekend! She attended a baby shower for a dear friend of ours on Saturday morning. It was clear that she was overwhelmed when we entered the party because she was literally glued to me. I can't blame her...we haven't been able to get out much, and this was definitely out of her element. After the party guest cleared out, I was able to pry off my little spider monkey and she had some fun with our friends. On Monday, Daddy took off work to watch her while I went to the dentist. The three of us also ran some errands and went out to eat together for the very 1st time!!! This was a milestone for us and I think it went really well! 

Thursday morning we have our 1st outing since the ambulance delivered us home on April 4th. Drake and Kennedy have their 1st dentist appointment, and this will be a good trial run before our trip to the vent clinic in Dallas next week. We are beyond thankful for the two nurses that we have, and we are looking forward to adding a couple more to our "Care Team" very soon! 

I love how sweet she is with him and the obvious connection they have with each other.

Snuggle time!

I am in love with all of the faces he makes!!!

Napping on tummy time.

Shower fun! 

Celebrating our friend & her soon-to-be little one with all of our wonderful friends from our neighborhood!!! Kennedy is obviously thrilled to be in the picture with us. 

A day full of adventures with mommy & daddy! I think after seeing her excitement at Petsmart, daddy may be ready to take her to the zoo! 

Trying out bubba's cool chair! She actually climbed up into it by herself and was trying to fasten the vest. 

Tutu fun!

The only way to iPad. 

Like father, like daughter :) 


  1. so glad you and the family are able to get out a bit beautiful pictures god bless you all drake is awesome

  2. I know your insurance company is probably responsible for recruiting for your care team, but I wondered if there would be anyone over at the Truman Smith home in Gladewater that might be interested in private nursing and would qualify. My son's class did a project with the children at the Truman Smith home, and I found the nursing staff there to be so caring and exceptional. I was really impressed. It made me think of your need for extra nurses, and if anyone there would be interested or would know of someone. Just a thought, with my best wishes.