Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Standing Tall

Drake's stander is in and we have started using it already! He is still getting used to it, but he seems to enjoy being in an upright position. His new physical therapist came out yesterday for his evaluation and she gave us a "stander" goal to work toward of 1hr each day. Right now we are starting with 15min twice daily (as tolerated) and we will increase gradually until we reach 30min twice daily. His PT has also recommended that Drake get braces for his legs to use only while he is in his stander. This will take some pressure off of his ankles and joints. I spoke with our pediatrician this morning about getting that process started. His Speech evaluation went really well this morning, and she will be back tomorrow for his 1st session. 

We had a fun filled Easter Weekend with a visit from Gran, Poppy, Aunt Mere, Uncle Aaron, Jacob & Elizabeth! Daddy hung a swing in the backyard and Kennedy LOVED it!!! In fact, she wants to go outside and swing daily now. She seems to be a bit of a daredevil...the higher and faster the better. This scares mommy a little bit (heart skips a beat) so she prefers for daddy to push. She laughs and giggles the entire time! 

We had our 1st successful Easter Egg Hunt in the backyard. Kennedy and Jacob really got the hang of collecting eggs in their baskets. Jacob collected the same 5 eggs over and over. Each time after the 5th egg, he would dump his basket and start again. Kennedy had a full basket until Jacob switched with her...she was devastated. Luckily, a little cobbler and ice cream makes everything better!  

Standing Tall

High five, Bubba!

Finding his hand 

More tummy time!

Taking his drool rag.

His 1st time in his stander...she was so sweet with him! 

Riding around the house!

Swinging fun!!!


Jacob wanted to help push!

A picture of 4 kiddos under age 2 is VERY difficult! Nurse Lisa said it was hilarious to watch :)

A full basket!

Jacob switching baskets.

Jacob dumping her basket.

Totally devastated! 

Snuggles with Gran!

Snuggles with Poppy! Worn out from too much fun! 


  1. pictures are awesome god bless your family

  2. Thank you for sharing these milestones and happy moments with us!