Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Over the past week Drake's seizures have been much more frequent. We have been watching him diligently and searching for triggers, but nothing has presented itself. We thought we had this under control with his medications, but this is both frustrating and scary to see. I feel helpless to the situation. Luckily, we think it is attributed to further teething, and the seizure frequency has subsided the past two days...Yea! We have also started both Drake and Kennedy on a DHA supplement which another parent has informed us has helped with her son's seizures. 

We had a fun weekend at home with Uncle Matt and Papa visiting. Kennedy can proudly say both names now. Well, Uncle Matt sounds more like "Unhle Ma" but it's really cute. Drake shocked all of us by rolling over for the 1st time!!!!! I was working with him on tummy time, and he raised up farther than I expected and proceeded to push himself over. I grabbed my phone to document his momentous accomplishment, and he was literally smiling! So far, he has only rolled over the one time, but we know that he can do it so the bar has been raised. He came very close on Monday while he was working with his physical therapist; there are many more roll overs in his future! I know this little guy is full of great things to show us! 

Upon recently finding out that one of our NICU buddies has RSV, we have taken precautions to a whole new level! Brian's sister, Angie, sent us stroller covers called SafeAir filtration covers which are designed to protect from germs, pollution, allergens, and weather. It is quite possible that we may look crazy entering and exiting buildings, but that is a small price to pay for health and safety. 

Drake had his monthly synagis shot this morning to protect him from the dreaded RSV. This is one of those necessary evils. He is such a big brave boy when it comes to these appointments. He does cry (let's face it...shots hurt), but he calms down very quickly. The protection these shots provide is not a guarantee that he will not get RSV, but it is protection. With a weak and fragile immune system, Drake needs all the  extra protection available. 

Full of pride from his roll over!!! (Mom squealing with joy in the background!!!)

Caught in the act! Unpacking Drake's Pediasure.

While I was working with Drake, Kennedy decided to make a Pediasure tower! 

This is how we roll to the doctor during RSV/Flu season!

Coloring with crayons

Coloring on Nurse Lisa's iPad! Thank you, Lisa! 

Ready for bed!

Riding with mommy to pick up daddy's dry cleaning. 


  1. Great progress and hoping the seizures pass completely when all the teeth have popped through. Prayers for continued blessings upon your household.

    1. Thank you for all of your prayers and continued support!

    2. Thank you for all of your prayers and continued support!