Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sneezes, Sniffles & Coughs...Oh, My!

Poor little Drake is suffering from what we believe to be allergies with this ever changing Texas weather. Allergies seem to be playing havoc with adults, too; therefore, it isn't a big surprise that they are hitting Drake so hard. Unfortunately, something as simple as seasonal allergies for anyone else quickly turns into a respiratory infection for Drake. With the possibility of a dreaded hospital stay on the horizon, we are battling this with our full infantry. He is receiving around the clock breathing treatments every 4hrs, his steroid inhaler twice each day, zyrtec, and cpts. We are closely monitoring his oxygen levels in his blood to make sure he doesn't need cannula assistance. So far...so good! It has been 3 months since he has required this type of intervention to combat a respiratory infection, and those 3 months were wonderful! This too shall pass.

Kennedy seems to have the same issues, but on a much smaller scale. Through the sneezes, sniffles, and coughs, Drake is still working hard with this daily therapies and Kennedy is playing hard. Drake's OT suggested Kinesiology Tape for the back of his neck along his neck and back muscles. She placed some on him on Friday to see if it would make a difference with his head and neck control. Immediately upon implementation of the tape I noticed a huge difference. Drake's nurse, Daddy, Gran & Poppy have all noticed a vast difference as well. I have been communicating daily back and forth with the director of the Snowdrop program in the UK for Drake's reassessment. So far, I have sent him 15 videos and answered all of his questions. I love that the questions he asks about Drake are specific to him and not just generic like we receive at other doctors. It is finally nice to be able to answer, "Yes! He does do that!" 

Drake is up to 23# now and quickly filling out the hand-me-downs from cousin Jacob. He can actually wear 12-18 months without any room to spare!  Kennedy has reached 19# and is wearing 9-12 month clothes. 9 month fit perfectly and 12 month clothes are still too big for now...she just needs a little more time. She is a very healthy eater; therefore, growing at a healthy rate has not been a problem.  

Outstanding head lift! And he held it up for almost a minute!!!

This smile!

Head control! 

Headed home to Tyler! Each looking out their respective window. (Don't worry...we were stopped at a red light) 

Escaping from the baby play area we created at Gran & Poppy's!

Sweet boy!

Watching the Super Bowl...well, at least the commercials! 

Working out like daddy! (That is indeed a dog toy :)

Wearing a stethoscope like my Poppy & Uncle Chuck. Gotta go check on my patient.

Because some days are just pajama & boots kind of days!

Daddy & Kennedy playing their funny face game!

Are you saying there isn't any growing room in these?

Really mom, another picture? 

Working hard during PT!


  1. beautiful as always love those pics so precious god bless your family

  2. Just so precious!! Love all the pictures this post. I cannot wait to meet them!!!