Tuesday, January 7, 2014

When It's Cold Outside...

When it's cold outside, we try our best to stay in, stay warm & stay healthy. This has worked out for 3/4 of us lately. I came down with a stomach bug over the weekend, which left me down and out. Daddy had to step-in to full time baby duty and caring for me. Luckily, my illness only lasted for 24hrs and then I was back in action. We are thankful the babies did not come down with it, too. 

Now that the holidays are behind us, we are back to our regularly scheduled programing. Mon-Thurs at Gran & Poppy's with Nurse Lisa and Thurs-Mon at home. It isn't an ideal situation, but it is working for us. The best part is that with Brian working in Dallas we are all 4 together! 

Drake has started his week off on a great start! Both is physical therapist and his speech therapist have been really impressed with him! That makes this mama very proud! His PT is working with him on sitting up on his own using his hands for support. He has a long way to go, but this is a goal/milestone that is exciting to work toward! 

One of our NICU nurses came by Gran & Poppy's today for a visit. It was wonderful seeing her and catching up! I'm so very glad that she can see and witness Drake and Kennedy grow and develop. She was such a huge part of their little lives from the beginning. We are already looking forward to her next visit! 

Happy boy!

Wearing daddy's duck boots!

A pint sized chair! She loves it! It was actually given to Gran as a little girl by her Aunt...it's an antique!(shhh...don't tell Gran we said that)

Waving from her chair.

Working hard during Physical Therapy!


  1. It is such a gift to the twins, for you & Brian getting to be together everyday. I know it must have been hard this past year & a half until his transfer. Would love to be able to see you guys more often, hope things keep going well and we can schedule something sooner than later. XOXO

  2. beautiful as always