Friday, January 10, 2014

18 Month Well Check

I am excited to say that Drake has had a wonderful week! Both his speech therapist and physical therapist were extremely impressed with his hard work! On Thursday, Drake ate an entire bowl of oatmeal with his speech therapist. Our clever little boy was supposed to be working on his head control the other day, but he figured out that he could play music by slightly moving his head. Each time he finished listening to the music he would grin a giant grin! He repeated this cause and effect to his delight (and ours) for a good 10 minutes. Brian and Poppy have both commented this week that they have seen Drake smile more in the past few days than they ever have before. 

This morning Brian and I headed to the pediatrician with the babies for their 18 month well check. Their doctor was very pleased with both if their progress. Drake weighed in at 22# and measured 30.5" and Kennedy weighed in at 18.7# and 28.75". That puts Drake in the 15th% for baby boys his age and Kennedy is in the 3rd% for girls her age. The doctor began going over 15 month mile stones for Kennedy and quickly realized that she has reached all of those and the 18 month ones; she checked off several on the 20 month list, too. 

Pool therapy time!

All smiles at the table waiting on food.

Giggling with kisses from Gran!

Clever boy! Making music play using his head.

Poor baby! They received 2 follow-up shots at the doctor today. Good thing daddy was there to make her feel better. 

Listening to her boom box! 80s what?!!

Who me?

Enjoying a sucker with speech therapy! 

Kennedy gave him a kiss & Drake was clearly preparing for it in the bottom 2 pictures. 


  1. So precious! Thrilled to see how well they are doing...thanks to great parents, great doctors & therapists, great extended family & friends, but most of all a GREAT GOD who has answered many prayers on their behalf. Wishing you continued joy!

  2. God's presence is all over your precious ones. Thank you for posting all the time, it blesses me everyday time looking at the pictures. The kiss is such an expression of God's love for us and how we are supposed to receive it every moment of our life.

  3. You have made my day and seeing how these two are doing encourages me to believe the importance of prayer and to keep praying for babies facing similar struggles, it is amazing how far your family has come and I loved seeing the clip of Drake and the music smile earlier. Happy New Year Gilstrap Family.