Friday, January 17, 2014

Growth and Independence

It is always amazing to us when we reach moments where we can see the growth and changes in our sweet angels.  Drake has been showing so much improvement lately, and we are so excited.  His therapists are thrilled, as well.  Today when his therapist saw how he enjoys giggling and laughing with us, and when we stop, how he will nudge or give us signs that he wants us to do what we were in order to make him laugh and giggle, she encouraged us to do this as much as possible.   It warms our hearts, and it shows wonderful improvement in his skills and emotional growth.  

The Snowdrop program out of The U.K. has been such a help to our little man.  He is in the process right now of being re-evaluated for a new program of activities and exercises.  His first round has been very successful.  We are currently in contact with the director of the program through emails and video's and look forward to seeing how far  Drake will progress over the next few months.

Then there is Miss Kennedy!  What can I say--she is definitely exerting her independence, making her feelings known, and becoming a true example of "The Terrible Two's"!  Her little fits when she doesn't get her way seem to be very normal for her age and development.  She loves to explore and play.  She is also becoming more independent at nap and bedtime.  She has adjusted very well to going to bed and soothing herself to sleep with her thumb and her little lighted stuffed animal.  She is showing more and more signs of not needing to be rocked or cuddled at sleepy time.  She loves being on the move.  Kennedy has moved to the big tub at bathtime.   She enjoys playing so much that she doesn't like to get out.  The other night when I told her it was time to get out, she was very unhappy.  So, I just opened the drain and let her play until the water ran out.  When there was no more water in which to splash, I asked her if she was ready to get out.  She looked at the tub and said, "Bye, Bye" and came out of the water.

We continue to be so very careful of the people whom we invite into our home, because the flu and cold season is so rampant right now.  We are also careful with Kennedy and do not expose her to outsiders at this time.  Even their cousin, Jacob, does not go to any type of nursery right now; he stays with family in church, and when Meredith goes to MOPS or any meeting, Jacob stays with Gran or us.  We are doing everything possible to keep the children healthy.  We don't want to see them suffer congestion, fever or coughs.  

Kennedy is obsessed with finding Drake's belly button.

Love seeing Drake smile!
Helping Daddy cook dinner.
Daddy's magic fishing pole.


  1. You are so wise and these babies so blessed. As you share your journey, it especially encourages others of such early babies and offers hope for so so many. Thank you for taking time to share your milestones!