Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Ringing in the New Year!

Happy 2014!  2013 has been good to our little family, and I can't wait to see what the new year has in store for us! Daddy is home from his hunting trip, and we were all excited to be reunited! 

Drake received his Synagis shots this morning in Dallas, and as he grows, so do the size of the shots. Tears were shed, but we all braved through. By mid-morning no one would have ever known how traumatic the office visit had been. Ever since his two front teeth broke through at Christmas, our happy little boy is back! Everyone has taken notice of his happier disposition, including all of his therapist. 

Kennedy has finally had a successful big girl bath!!! For the longest time, she wanted absolutely nothing to do with a full bathtub that did not include her infant tub. Adding new bath time toys did not make a difference, but she finally decided the big tub was acceptable this week. She has also successfully taken a few pictures with my cell phone. Who knew a toddler could figure that out on her own! 

This evening after dinner I was in our living room surrounded by all of my soundly sleeping family. I couldn't help but smile! When your duck hunter has been up since 2am, he is not able to stay up past dinner. We did buy champagne, so I will have to wake Brian up to toast the new year :) Wishing everyone a very happy New Year! 

My little snuggle bug!

She has been insistent on wearing hair bows lately! And she clearly doesn't stop moving for pictures. 

Pool time!

A successful big girl bath!

Sweet baby boy!

Belly laughs! Gran experienced this a few days ago. You can't hear him, but if you are holding him, you can feel his laughter. 

My sleeping Drake & Harlee to my left.

Sleeping daddy & Kennedy to my right :)


  1. Good things posted. So glad Drake had the teeth break through. Love u guys hoping we can plan to get together for dinner or just come to gran & poppy's for a visit. Before too long things are gonna be double your pleasure, double your fun at the Price house hold too.

  2. That sounds great! Let's plan it! Things are going to be wild & crazy around here soon, but I can't wait to meet baby Price!