Friday, December 6, 2013

Warm, Cozy & Cranky

Inclement weather has hit North Texas, but I am glad to say that we made it home safe & sound before the bad weather hit the area. Gran & Poppy are dealing with downed trees on their vehicles and driveway, but luckily they still have power! My heart and prayers go out to all of those effected by the ice storm, and I am grateful for the men & women who are working tirelessly in freezing temperatures to restore power ASAP. How fortunate are we to have walked into our cozy home on Thursday afternoon to a crackling fire in our fireplace! Thank you, daddy! Having Drake off of oxygen this winter is allowing us to enjoy our fireplace again. We didn't even realize how much we missed it last year, but we are certainly glad to have it back. 

Even though we are warm & cozy, poor little Drake is dealing with teething his top 4 teeth. So far, only one has broken through, but they are all close. This makes him cranky almost 24/7, which is draining on all of us. We can give him Tylenol or Motrin for pain management, but it isn't a fix-all. Since we can't give him anything orally, I've been dissolving teething tablets in water and injecting that into his Mickey button. Anything I can do to help is well worth the effort! Helping him hold his hands to his mouth so that he can suck on them for soothing has been my best bet. Unfortunately, we cannot use Orajel because it isn't safe for babies with swallowing issues. 

Thursday morning before we headed home, we met with Drake's neurologist. We were pleased with our visit and that he is seeing slow progress with Drake; slow progress is still progress!!! He has increased Drake's seizure medication since his weight has increased and we were starting to see some small seizure activity again. We will take him in next week for blood testing to make sure he is adjusting well to his new dosing. 

We were scheduled to head back to Dallas tomorrow in preparation for my first 1/2 marathon on Sunday; however, the Dallas Marathon has been canceled for the 1st time ever due to weather. While I am disappointed, at least I get to spend more time at home with my little family. Uncle Aaron and I will just have to regroup and choose another race to train for in early 2014! 

Speaking of running, that is exactly what we have to do to keep up with Kennedy these days! Her balance has improved tremendously and she gets wherever she wants to go very quickly! When she heads out of the room at Gran & Poppy's, you can guarantee she has made a beeline for the stairs. That is exactly why we have a gate there! Lately she has also managed to: update the status on Lisa's (Drake's nurse's) Facebook account, send a text message from daddy's phone, turn on Gran & Poppy's tv, and unpause and start playing daddy's xbox game! I can't wait to see what she does next! 

Enjoying the lights and ornaments! 

Checking out Gran & Poppy's tree!

Looks like she found a teddy bear!

Visiting the neurologist

Fell asleep sucking his hands during tummy time. Poor baby! We need the rest of these teeth to come on through! 


  1. beautiful as always god bless all

  2. we are having a lot of the same problems my daughter is a month younger than your twins and my son is a year older and we are stuck inside as well because of their health no fun but i look forward to every update you guys put up i love seeings your kiddos grow happily and healthy as much as possible!

  3. For teething pain with our youngest granddaughter. I found those frozen plastic type Ice Cubes they are Jell filled but you can freeze them. But when they thaw they do not put out liquid where they water your drink down. Or we used the frozen popsicyles in the plastic I would trim the plastic close around the end so it would not cut her mouth. But she could not get the liquid. I would wrap it in a wash cloth and hold it while she chewed on it then just refreeze them.

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