Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!

We celebrated Christmas over the weekend with family, and now we are settled in at home this Christmas Eve. Tonight we were all in the kitchen cooking dinner and listening to Christmas music; Drake was relaxing in his baby chair while Kennedy was dancing all around with giggles and smiles! I would say this was a very successful Christmas Eve at home with our little munchkins! We are so thankful Drake and Kennedy are both happy and healthy. That is the best Christmas present of all!

Kennedy is obsessed with wearing beads!!! We use them with Drake as a part of his therapies, but Kennedy finds them and immediately puts them on to wear. She also loves her hair brush that she received as a present. Everywhere she runs around the house she has beads around her neck and a brush in her hand. Oh, and our little escape artist climbed out of her crib last night! Brian went into their room when he heard her during the night. To his surprise, she was sitting in the floor playing with diapers and such that she discovered in the closet. 

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!!!

Playing in her new wagon!

Jacob got a wagon, too!

Drake seems to like his new sensory toy!

He had a tight grip on his check from Uncle Mikey & Aunt Jamie!

Beads and brush in tow!

Big boy!

She spotted some hunters outside after breakfast.

Opening a present from Papa!

Christmas with Papa!

Look at those teeth!

Harlee likes to lay near Drake.


  1. beautiful as always merry christmas to you and your beautiful family god bless you

  2. You just made my Christmas morning! Merry Christmas dear Gilstrap Family! I love the way Harlee is guarding Drake. Miss Kennedy gleefully enjoying the beads and brush is the essence of sweet baby joy in the little things!