Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July Weekend

A nice long weekend is exactly what our little family needed. We have already been home for two nights and tomorrow is only Saturday. This is a great feeling! 

We spent our 4th with Brian's brother, Uncle Matt, great friends and good food down at the lake. We even took the baby pool so that Drake and Kennedy could enjoy the water, too! A baby pool with fresh water in the shade on the boat dock worked out perfectly. 

Today was back to business as usual for our little Drake. He had a busy morning beginning with two therapies, and today was his first official day of Physical Therapy. He did a great job! His PT was very impressed with him today. I know she has only seen him last week for the evaluation and this week for his first session, but I was excited to hear how impressed she was with his abilities. She has over 30 years of experience and said she has never seen a child with his diagnosis do so well starting off!  

Due to our now very mobile Kennedy, we ordered a baby play-yard to contain her in a safe area while we are working with Drake. She doesn't seem to mind it, but she is very curious about what else is going on around her. She loves it when either her daddy or I play in there with her. 

Tonight we went down to the marina by our house to see a friend sing, and it was really nice to be out. This was the second outing this week for Drake. Between his appointments on Wednesday, we had a picnic lunch with his nurse. We are really enjoying these nice weather days. 


  1. Those precious faces! They are the cutest! So glad you all had a great holiday.

  2. Aww YAY!! We have the same play yard and exersaucer for Colin!! I am so happy to see those little babies of yours growing and doing so well. I am so happy I get to be even a small part of their lives! I love seeing these updates and reading about what the twins are up to. Talk soon!!