Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Big Changes!

I'm going to be honest, Brian and I were coming to terms with the very real possibility that Kennedy would never be fully potty trained. We kind of thought once pull-ups were outgrown, we would move on to depends.*sigh* Pee-pee in the potty was not a problem, but pooping was another story. I'm excited to announce that is not our future! She picked out several big prizes at the store and we had all of them here at the house for instant gratification. It definitely wasn't cheap, but it worked!!

Drake is doing good and keeping busy with his daily therapies and routine. Sadly, we will be adjusting our routine with a new nurse in September. Our dear nurse, Lindsey, will be going back to school full time in the nurse practitioner program. This is what is best for her and we do understand. The silver lining is that she will be staying on with us doing our Friday night shifts which are currently open. We're a little anxious about adjusting to a new nurse, but at the same time we felt this exact way about each of the wonderful nurses we have now at one time. 

Teething is never fun and our sweet Hayes is getting his top two teeth. It has definitely been interrupting his sleep...and ours. He's very active and into everything around the house! We are starting to see the beginning stages of Kennedy not wanting her little brother messing with her toys. I'm sure there is much more of this in our future. 

Oh, these boys!!


The Secret Life of Pets!

Hands together & midline!!

Splash pad!


Happy boy!

Fishing with Daddy!


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  1. beautiful family so blessed ty for updating how is the brewery coming along?