Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Today was another successful visit to Vent Clinic in Dallas! Everyone was pleased with Drake's progress and overall health. With our history of dealing with concerned medical personnel, it's nice to have shifted into smoother visits. No changes were made, and we will continue our current routine. Vent clinic days are always long, but it's also nice to have time with just Drake. Kennedy and Hayes had a fun filled day with Mimi, Mere and their cousins while we were at the doctor. 

Brian and I are still in disbelief about Kennedy's progress with swimming! She has turned into a regular fish! She jumps in, swims and climbs out all on her own. She and her daddy bought some goggles, and she loves wearing them! She's even worn the. around the house! Her confidence level in swimming dramatically increased with the goggles. 

Hayes is on the move, into absolutely everything and pulling up on everything! Somehow our sweet little baby grew up over night! He's quite the talker, too. Dada is a favorite but there are plenty more things he says regularly...we just can't quite understand him yet. 

As long as all 3 are learning, growing and improving at their own pace, it's a happy day in our world!


Daddy/Daughter Day!

These two!!😍
A lovely picture taken by Kennedy! We have to contain him somehow for trach care 

Another great picture taken by Kennedy

Pool time!