Wednesday, August 24, 2016


The startle reflex guy notice in a new baby is something that our sweet Drake, and other children like him, do not out grow. It's something we have become used to and really don't give much thought. However, over the last few weeks Drake has developed a startle seizure. This isn't a huge surprise, although it is still something we are adjusting to here at home. Even familiar sounds are throwing him into a seizure. According to what we have learned, this develops between the ages of 1-16. We are fortunate that we were able to make it 4 full years before Drake developed these.

We are starting to prepare ourselves for Kennedy beginning preK. We are excited for her to make this next step and look forward to the progress she makes over the next year. Although the thought and realization of her growing up is still not easy for us to accept. 

Hayes is cruising! He is the happiest little guy and he is always on the go! Reminds me 100% of his daddy! Yes, I do believe both my husband and my youngest son lack the ability to sit still! 
Having some fun at cousin Lauren's house!

My boys!

Delta waterfowl banquet with her daddy 


Such a little mess!


Dress up at a friends house!

A couch full of cousins

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