Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Watching our sweet Kennedy swimming across the pool is a still hard to believe. She has truly transformed from terrified to try into a little mermaid. She's now brave enough to swim across all on her own! The ability to swim is such an important lesson, and I'm excited for Hayes to take lessons next year, too.

Drake is doing so much better! We are confident that the nutritional supplements he is now on have greatly impacted his overall health. We enjoy seeing him improve and be able to gain some control and independence in his daily life. He's also experiencing some of the great outdoors with his sweet sister!

Mr brave himself is pulling up to a stand everywhere! It almost seems like Hayes' 1st year is flying by in fast forward! When did my baby get so big?! We joke around about how quickly he is going to out grow Kennedy all of the time...there is less than a 4# difference! 

Each of our little darlings is growing at their own pace and creating joy for us along each of their paths! 

Park time!

Family swim! Happy Tuesday!

Checking out the park!

Spinning with sister!

Such a cutie!

She made her bed all by herself! Not bad for a 4 year old!

Preparing to kayak with daddy!

We love summer!

Such a wonderful weekend with my team!!

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  1. really nice to see all ding well