Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Popping & Knocking

Celebrating the 4th of July involves lots of fireworks, especially in our neighborhood. Kennedy & Hayes loved them! I was worried about Drake being startled, but they didn't seem to bother him. Even after putting our kiddos to bed late, fireworks continued for quite some time. Kennedy called us back into her room asking, "What's all that popping & knocking?" 

Swim lessons are going. I would like to say they are going well, and I guess they are in the sense that she is doing a great job swimming. Especially since she seems to hate swimming, she is doing exceptionally well! I truly wished she liked it more, but the main thing is that she learn survival skills. 

Hayes turned 9 months old today and had his 9 month checkup! Conclusion...he is perfect! He is growing and developing nicely. 27.8" (27th percentile) and 20# 3oz (60th percentile). He may be a little on the husky side, but he is very healthy! Kennedy & Drake have their 4 year check up on Thursday. I'm anxious to find out how they have grown over the past year!

Drake is continuing to improve with his communication skills! I love watching him push his buttons during therapies for either "more, please" or "all done." He uses his buttons with us, too, but I feel like he pushes them more frequently during is therapy sessions...especially Speech. 

4th of July 2012 is very vivid to me. Kennedy had an infection in the NICU and Drake was showing signs that he was coming down with an infection as well. It was the beginning of an extremely difficult time during our hospital stay. 2013-15 are a bit of a blur. I know we were home and watched the traditional fireworks over the lake, but the specifics are lost in memory. Hopefully my next memorable 4th of July will be an exciting one with our little ones!

A family 4th photo with all 5 of us!!

I couldn't possibly love these little darling any more!!! My blessings, my miracles, my why!

My whole heart!

I love family walks! 

Planning by the pool! A little impromptu business meeting with my favorite cousin/business partner! 

So this is happening...he's pulling to stand! Growing up too fast!

Working with my amazing team!

Lake time!

The sweetest smile!

Pool time!


Me - "we're meeting your friend here for ice cream."
K - "But mommy...the sign says Hot Coffee!"
Me - "I promise they have ice cream, too." 

Thursday evening dinner on the lake!!

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