Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Quality Time

Over Thanksgiving our home was filled with so much love! Almost every member of Brian's family was here to celebrate all of which we have to be thankful! For some, it was their 1st time to meet our newest addition, Hayes, and for others they were excited to see how much he has grown! While we wish we were able to spend more time together on a regular basis, jobs, distance, and our inability to travel make that difficult. Thank goodness for technology which allows us to stay plugged into each other's daily lives. 

Drake is continuing to make great strides and his therapist are currently in the midst of doing his revaluations. This is an exciting time of setting new goals because of the progress he has made! I'm very excited that we are going to work with him on his ability to interact with his siblings! Over the weekend Kennedy and nurse Lindsey played Ring-Around-The-Rosey with Drake while he was in his stander. Of course he wasn't able to do the "fall down" part, but they all seemed to enjoy the interaction. I'm looking forward to incorporating more of this modified play into our daily life! 

Sweet Hayes is growing and changing every day! It's hard to believe 8 weeks have already passed since he was born! We look forward to finding out his new weight and length at his 2 month visit! Maybe he will even flash one of his sweet smiles for his doctor! 

Brian works very hard to support our family, and we are thankful for his job, dedication and hard work...and let's not forget he is an avid hunter. Between the demands of work and hunting season, we miss having our daddy around. However, my heart swells with the tea party picnic that took place in Kennedy's room after dinner tonight! This was a very special picnic complete with REAL pie!!! Kennedy's eyes were beaming with so much excitement that I thought her eyes might actually pop right out of her head! This was followed up with a Christmas movie before bed that they picked out together! I'm thankful that Netflix has so many movie choices available at our finger tips! 

While we may not get to spend as much time with daddy as we would like, I'm pretty sure quality makes up for quantity any day of the week. At least it does in my book! 

Thanksgiving meal at Papa's house!

Precious Thanksgiving outfit from Gigi! 

Happy baby!

Yea-Yea with almost all of her grandbabies! Missing Alyssa in Oregon 

Brian, Aunt Teresa, Uncle Matt
Kennedy, Hannah, Yea-Yea, Hayes, Drake, Gigi

Catching some snuggle time with my boy!

Kennedy catches some snuggles, too!

Black Friday shopping & shenanigans with Papa & Daddy! Gander Mountain was their one-stop-shopping adventure! 

My baby girl in a ghillie suit

The alligator puppet came home with her.

Sweet baby!

Love his laugh!!!


  1. I have followed your blog almost since the beginning. I have never posted before but your experience is inspirational. The efforts you make to help Drake realize his full potential is amazing. Bless you & your family during this holiday season & through the next year

    1. Thank you for your kind words and support of our little family!