Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Flying Solo

We survived our days without nursing last week, and I've been surviving since Brian headed to Arkansas for duck hunting on Christmas Day. I'm thrilled to have all of our regular nursing back in place, and we will all be excited to have daddy back home on Thursday. Every time the dogs bark, Kennedy asks if daddy is home. She has talked to him every day, but I know she is ready to see him. 

I loved being able to travel to McKinney to spend Christmas Eve day with my family! This was our first trip as a family of 5, and we even did it without a nurse! We had to do a little juggling with feedings for Hayes, feedings for Drake and breathing treatments for Drake, but it all went pretty well. Thankfully we had plenty of willing helpers at Mimi & Poppy's house! I even managed to squeeze in a quick run with Aaron! Kennedy and Jacob were so much fun this year opening presents! They were sweet, thankful and genuinely happy for everyone as they unwrapped each gift. 

We made it home for a Christmas Eve night with our niece, Alyssa, in town from Oregon, Uncle Matt and Papa. Kennedy was excited to stay up past bedtime, but she knew she needed to go to sleep for Santa to come. Surely we aren't the only parents who woke their kids up for Christmas morning! Her beaming excitement brightened the entire room! She had a busy job this year opening presents for Drake, Hayes and herself. She did a good job of showing each of the boys their gifts and telling them what they received. On the 26th, we completed our Christmas celebrations when I took Kennedy and Hayes to visit with Brian's grandparents.

This crazy Texas weather is hard on all of us, but anything hard on the general population is always more difficult for Drake. He spiked a fever this morning, but thankfully his lungs have remained clear! My level of anxiety always rises when Drake shows any signs of illness; however, we gave him Tylenol, extra fluids, and monitored him closely. Whenever I start to feel a sickness coming on, I take extra Kyani so I gave him extra today, too. He was already feeling and looking more himself this evening! If he has a good night, we will continue with his regularly scheduled therapies tomorrow. 

My parents have always said the only present they want is to have everyone together. That has never meant more to me than it does now as an adult. This new year we will continue to pray for everyone to be happy and healthy along with prayers for plenty of quality family time, too!

I love this picture taken by my sweet sister-in-law! 

Christmas morning with our 3 kiddos!

I love this!

Reading with Papa!

Our little Christmas elf!


Traveling to McKinney

Hanging out with my loves!

Checking out her new book!

Sweetest gift...Uncle Aaron repaired Brian's baby blanket that his mom made (center) and created a quilt surrounding it with a blanket we used for Drake and one for Kennedy in the NICU.

Cousin Alyssa!

 5 stockings!

Santa's out Harlee & Riot!

Drake's stands present!

Looks like a successful hunt!