Tuesday, October 27, 2015

It Takes a Village...

Busy, busy, busy...the story of our lives! I'm sure everyone can relate to a hectic schedule. I'm used to us being on the go juggling doctors appointments, phone calls to insurance, durable medical equipment, pharmacies, doctor's offices, scheduling/rescheduling therapies, dance class, gymnastics, ect...However, I'm not used to being on restrictions and taking care of a newborn while trying to juggle my usual duties. Oh, and I forgot to mention that Brian left for his annual 10 day hunting trip to North Dakota. Thank goodness for our Village! Mimi & Poppy took Kennedy for the weekend and enjoyed some fun with cousins. They even managed to squeeze in a trip to the Pumpkin Patch before the rain came pouring down! Mimi brought Kennedy back on Monday and took her to dance class for me. Today, Mimi & nurse Lisa took Drake to Dallas for his vent clinic appointment, and tomorrow she will be taking Kennedy to gymnastics. Thursday, Brian's mom (Yea-Yea) will be here to be an extra set of hands until Brian gets back in town. Not to mention Brian's brother (Uncle Matt) and his dad (Papa) have been delivering dinners. Thanks to our family/village we are well taken care of around here! Oh, and our amazing nurses are a part of that village, too! 

I love that Kennedy was able to experience the pumpkin patch with her cousins! We only live two hours away, but we are not able to spend as much time with them as I would like. Watching all of these little cousins grow up together is already fun and I know it is going to get even better! 

I was excited to hear Drake's report from vent clinic today! He looks great, sounds great, chest X-Ray was clear, and blood-work was perfect! I was anxious to hear the results of his blood-work because I have been giving him Kyani daily. He's never had perfect blood-work results before! This is HUGE! His doctor advised us to "keep doing what you're doing!" 

Before Brian headed out of town on Friday, he took Hayes and me to the pediatrician's office. Our sweet baby weighed in at 8# on the dot! He not only gained weight, but he grew, too! Now he measures 20.5" long. He has been cleared to sleep for up to 6hrs at at time, and this has been a huge blessing at night! 

We are beyond thankful for our village who have kept our home/family/life running smoothly while Brian is out of town, but we will be overjoyed to have daddy home on Sunday! 

A little floor time for these brothers

Mimi & Lisa also took Drake to get fitted for his new leg braces!

They should be ready for pick up next week!

Hayes seems to like the bouncy chair and definitely the lights and sounds!

Dallas bound!

Pumpkin Patch!


Aunt Jamie & baby Chase! 

Apparently cousin Elizabeth wasn't willing to cooperate with pictures. Maybe next time :)

This looks like a hot mess...and it is, but I know Mimi is loving every second! 

He's not quite sure about bath time.

Sweet boy!

I love this smile!

Crazy head control! 

Snuggles with Mimi!

My lap is full!

So much love!!!


  1. your family is awesome I love pictures wtg super mommie great job thank you for updating

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