Tuesday, October 20, 2015

2 Weeks In

We are two weeks in as a family of five, and despite being a little sleep deprived, we are doing really well. Mimi is here for a few days helping out, and I have definitely enjoyed having the opportunity to take a much needed nap...or two. Hayes is starting to have more awake times, and we are looking forward to seeing more of his personality develop in the coming weeks. 

Kennedy is a big help with both of her brothers! She still wants "mommy" to do everything with her: bath time, bed time stories, brushing teeth, taking her to the restroom, ect...Although, she is starting to be less apprehensive about letting Mimi or Daddy help her with these routines. 

This season change, as with most, has been difficult on our little guy. He has not been able to tolerate his time off of his vent like he had been, but we are thankful he still wants to participate in his therapies. Drake did so good today with his vision therapy! He even turned on a lighted toy by himself at least 5 times! I was thrilled watching him work, and seeing Kennedy cheer him on was icing on the cake! Poor little Kennedy was running a temperature on Friday and Saturday. Taking care of her while keeping her away from both of the boys was quite challenging. Luckily, Daddy did a great job of stepping in to take the lead with Kennedy. 

We are only two weeks in, but it is already crystal clear that our sweet Hayes is the perfect addition to our family! We didn't know he was missing before, but we sure do feel complete now. 

Our 3 LOVES!!!

"I'll protect him!" 

Seriously, kid?! I need you to wake up. 

Love this laugh!!! I never knew a laugh without sound could be so joyful! 

Pumpkin carving with daddy was a success!!! 

Loved her excitement! 

Oh, this face! 

Such a happy boy! 

"Mommy, I'm feeding my baby."

Snuggles with Daddy!

Baby's first field trip! 

Sweet sister! 


  1. awesome as always I admire you as a family always rooting for your precious family ever since twins were born may god bless and keep your family thank you for your updates always so cheery drakes smile is awesome and the baby is beautiful and of course princess kennendy is also