Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Other Side

We're working on getting Drake set up with vision therapy. This will be done through the school system. Since Drake has now turned 3 years old, all of the formal processes begin. This week I experienced my first ARD (Admission, Review, and Dismissal) Committee meeting as a parent. Sure I have been through TONS of these as a teacher, but this was my first time to be on the other side of the table. For those not familiar with ARD meetings, they are a part of the Special Education process and an IEP (Individual Education Plan) is established to best meet the individual student's needs. For the time being, we have everything set in place. He will begin vision therapy next week and a full committee will do an evaluation within the next 45 school days. Following that, we will reconvene for another ARD within 30 days. At this time, we are only interested in vision therapy and he will not be attending school. He is simply too medically fragile for a school setting. 

I'm currently 27wks pregnant with our baby boy. Looking back at my last pregnancy and NICU stay, it is crazy to realize I had held Kennedy in my arms at this point! We were also desperately praying for Drake's kidneys to start working again. As excited as we are to have him and hold him, we will gladly wait until his due date...which will be here before we know it! 

We have been loving our evening summer walks! It's so nice having time after dinner to take a walk, relax and still make it home before Kennedy needs to be in bed. We are really going to miss this when it gets cold and dark early. Thank goodness for the seasons! 

Enjoying our summer evening walks!

Neighborhood playground with these two cuties!


Big Girl swing!

Testing out the new head wrap his OT made for him! 


All smiles!

Kennedy helped our friend, Eleni, paint chairs while I attended Drake's ARD. Thank you for the fun art project! She loved it & told daddy all about it after work!

We have all been enjoying these summer evenings!

After we picked up Riot from his surgery today. He was ready to get home! Freshly neutered and microchipped. 

Flash back to the NICU...holding my sweet Kennedy at this same point in my pregnancy!

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  1. So sweet! Thank you for sharing.