Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Improvements & Independence

What a fun weekend with Aunt Gigi & Uncle Chuck here for a visit! Not even the constant rain could dampen our family fun! A quick thinking backup plan in the garage saved our crawfish boil. Gigi brought Kennedy a HUGE basket of gifts complete with plastic dress-up high heels! Drake is all set for the warm weather because Gigi brought him a bunch awesome muscle shirts...just like he likes! 

Today began extra early! We packed and loaded the car for vent clinic in Dallas. We finally had a nice day in East Texas without rain, but don't worry we found the rain in Dallas! We made it safe and sound to and from so that is all that we could ask for and more! Plus...Drake got an excellent report at vent clinic! His pulmonolgist was really pleased to see his improvements since last week in the hospital. He does have us giving Drake diuretics for the next two days to see if it will improve his dependency on oxygen. Hopefully this will do the trick! We are ready to get back to his vent trials. Now we don't go back to vent clinic for an entire 3 months! 

Kennedy had her very 1st swim class today! She was ready to go and I was the one who was nervous. Parents can't attend class, so I waited outside eagerly wanting to hear how she did on her first day! She did really well and she was so proud of herself! When we got home she told Lisa that she met a Lisa at her class. Nurse Lisa gave her a funny look and then I told her that her swim instructor's name is indeed Lisa. The last class is in 3 weeks and parents are invited inside for the last 15min to watch "show offs." If this goes well, we are planning to start gymnastics or dance this summer! 

We are still on the search for a night nurse 3 nights each week. We had a perspective who we interviewed, but she didn't seem like a good fit. Therefore, the search is still ongoing. We will gladly take any suggestions or referrals. 

Snuggles with my little loves! 

At the PICU ready to take Drake home!

Kisses for bubba! 

Headed home!

Clearly happy to be back home!!!

Soooo tired!

Helping Daddy cook crawfish!

Drakey got in on the fun, too!

Her BIG basket of gifts!

Dress-up! She's totally rocking the 80's look!

Excited about the cheese tray!

Cutie pie!

Smiling on his mat. Ready to get back into his daily routine. 

Ready for her 1st swim class!

Soooo excited!!!

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  1. Love your blog! Your kids are so cute and so blessed to have you for their patent!

  2. You two are such wonderful, loving parents! I wish there were more parents like y'all!!