Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Quick Change!

Since last week, Drake was released from the hospital and we have been diligently working on recovery for both Drake and Kennedy. While Drake has been struggling with a trach infection which made breathing extremely difficult for him, Kennedy has been battling an ear infection and cold. Needless to say this was not what we had in mind for our Thanksgiving this year. Even though we were not able to attend any Thanksgiving gatherings, we did not go hungry. Brian and Uncle Matt went to their grandparents house and brought us back quite a Thanksgiving Feast. Our wonderful friends in our neighborhood delivered full plates of food and a cobbler just for us! Lisa, Kennedy & I definitely got our fill!  We could feel the love! 
I have to say going from the ER last week (where they were deciding whether to admit us or send us home) straight to the PICU sent us for a loop. After asking some questions, the confusion was clarified...kiddos with a trach/vent are admitted directly to the PICU. We are quite thankful that our stay was short, and I can not say enough wonderful things about the nurses and respiratory therapists at Medical City Children’s Hospital PICU!!! Upon arrival we were greeted by so many friendly familiar faces! If you have to be in the hospital, it is nice to be around kind and caring medical professionals. 
I am happy to report that both Drake and Kennedy appear to be on the mend! Drake has been weaned down to only 1/4L of oxygen support, and we strongly believe he will be back on room air within the next day or two. Kennedy’s cold seems to be subsiding, her cheek is clearing up, and her ear does not seem to be bothering her any longer. 
In the EARLY morning hours of Tuesday morning we had a bit of a scare. Drake’s night nurse sent me a message that she needed me at 3:41am. She is an amazing nurse and has been with us since we arrived home from BOCH (Baylor Our Children’s House) back in April. She has never requested me during the night; therefore, I knew this was a big deal. I popped out of bed so fast it awoke Brian from a deep slumber. Drake’s oxygen saturation was LOW and all of her efforts from our trach/vent trainings were not helping. It had to be a mucous plug and it was time for an emergency trach change. The three of us all stayed calm and gathered our needed supplies in scurry. As soon as we pulled the blocked trach out and he could breath clearly through his stoma (hole in his neck), he sats jumped 35 points! The irritation and struggle he experienced while trying to breath for a short time (the entire issue only lasted a few minutes) caused him to cough up blood through his stoma and new trach. While this was alarming at first, it did not last for very long and we monitored him very closely. Thankfully, no other issues arose and he has been doing very good ever since the change! Crisis managed and further problems averted! 
While issues like this are not often, it reaffirms why having outstanding medical personnels in our home on a daily basis is crucial! Our home nursing agency is still searching for a new night nurse who will be a good fit for our family 3 nights a week. We are grateful for our current night nurse who has gone above and beyond working 8 straight 12hr nights in a row for us during this search. Having someone with whom Drake is comfortable and who knows our son is critical to keeping him healthy and happy!
Love having this happy little face back home again! 
Hugs for bubba!
Hard to believe she wore shorts and had ice cream outside one day & wore sweats the next! Crazy Texas weather! 
She had some fun with Daddy "helping" with the leaves! 



  1. Annie- I've been following your blog for some time. Your babies are just precious. And you are such a wonderful Momma. I'm happy to read your babies are at home. Prayers for continued health through this winter season.