Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Mystery Illnesses

Drake is currently in the PICU at Medical City Children's Hospital in Dallas. He started needing increased suctioning on Sunday night and requiring oxygen support. He did pretty well during the night while he was sleeping, but his breathing was shallow and labored early Monday morning. I contacted our pulmonologist through the after hours line and then we headed to Medical City. We spent most of Monday in an ER room, and he was admitted to the PICU on Monday evening. 

He is currently receiving antibiotics, steroids, breathing treatments every 3hrs, and some of his regular medications have been increased along with his vent settings. He was on 3L of oxygen all day Monday, but he was able to be weaned down to 2L this morning and additionally down to 1L tonight. Praying he can maintain his sats on 1L throughout the night. 

So far every test that has been run searching for infections has come back negative. We were really surprised that his trach culture has not grown anything yet. Thick, yellow, foal smelling secretions are typically a tell tale sign of infection. Even though they haven't been able to figure out the cause of Drake's illness, we are just thankful the steps and treatments that have been taken are showing improvements in his condition. Our little Drake has been the best little trooper through everything...even IV lines and blood drawls. 

Last week I took Kennedy to see our pediatrician about a small place on her face (one red dot). We thought it must be an insect bite that just was not going away. We got a topical ointment, but on Saturday her little cheek looked much worse. Brian and I took her to the Direct Care clinic in Tyler. The doctor was not sure what it was but gave us a prescription for an oral antibiotic. On Sunday it was even worse! I was supposed to take her to our pediatrician 1st thing Monday morning, but those plans changed when Drake needed to go to Dallas. Mimi (Gran) to the rescue! Mimi picked Kennedy up from us at Medical City and took her to Jacob and Elizabeth's pediatrician. From there, they were sent to see a dermatologist. Finally, the diagnosis...contact dermatitis. Basically severe eczema from an allergic reaction to something. She started a steroid cream yesterday and looks a million times better today! 

Kennedy had another special treat today...she spent the day with my brother Uncle Mikey (Uncle Money as Kennedy says) and Aunt Jamie! I absolutely loved receiving pictures of their fun day! I love that Kennedy is getting to spend time with my family; I only wish it were under better circumstances. 

We are hopeful the doctors will feel that Drake is ready to go home tomorrow since we have 24hr nursing care and the equipment they are using now is the same as our equipment at home. However, we don't want to get our hopes up too high and be disappointed. If we have to spend our Thanksgiving together in the PICU, that will be ok...at least we will be together! 

Tonight...starting to show that handsome smile again!

Love this little guy!

Fun with Aunt Jamie & Uncle Mikey! Her cheek looks SO much better!

Just hanging out in the PICU

Snuggles with Mimi! Thanks for this early morning pic, Poppy!

Progression of baby girl's cheek :(

Uncle Matt reading her a book over the weekend!

Our 1st night in the PICU


  1. Yay progress!! Drake looks much happier and it looks like mIss K is having fun with Mimi and Poppi! Her cheek looks way better!! Miss you and hope you're home soon!!

  2. hope everthing gets back to normal you have an awesome family and i will continue to pray