Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Santa Claus is Coming to Town...

Father Christmas actually did visit our house over the weekend! This was kind of a big deal for two special little kiddos who are quickly approaching their 3rd Christmas, and who had never met Jolly Old Saint Nick. Just the thought of the vast number of children who sit upon Santa's knee daily with sniffles, coughs, slobber and drool, is enough to make me turn the car around in the mall parking lot...that is assuming we ever actually made it to the parking lot; which we did not. When one of nurses suggested having her husband come to our house dressed as Santa, we were elated! We invited a couple of friends over to join in on the fun (Harper & Grace), and our dear friend (Eleni) captured precious pictures! 

At first, Kennedy was not so sure about the big guy in a red suite with a fluffy white beard, but she soon agreed when we told her Drake would sit with her. Soon she was joining Harper and Grace for pictures, too! We couldn't let Harlee (Mr. Photogenic) miss out on the action! Daddy gets an award for being able to coax the best smiles out of the girls! It was a great team effort, and a fun Saturday morning! 

Saturday night Brian and I attended a fun surprise birthday party for one of our best friends! Live music, good food and excellent company! The best part is that the party was in our neighborhood so that we were close by if the night nurse (for Drake) or babysitter (for Kennedy) were to need us for anything. Uncle Aaron drove in and attended the party with us, too. He and I did not stay out late because we had an early morning drive to Dallas for my very 1st FULL Marathon (26.2 miles)!!! 

My 4am alarm came a little sooner than expected; especially since we went to sleep at midnight. None the less, we got ready and headed to Dallas! We made it there and were situated in excellent time! We were even able to catch a quick nap in the car before it was time to line up in our corrals. My goal was just to finish and hopefully with a time under 5 hours...my time was 04:22:27!!! This time last year I was running my 1st Half Marathon and now I have completed a Full! Two years ago I never would have imagined this would be a goal of mine...much less an attainable one! Aaron and I were surrounded by family support along the way...Mimi, Poppy, Mere, Jacob and Elizabeth at mile 12 and 22...and Brian and Kennedy at mile 19 and 26.2!!! Drake's nurse made a poster with Drake and Kennedy for me that Kennedy held along the way! We were treated to a family lunch with everyone including Mike and Jamie after the race! It was a pretty amazing day!

Meeting Santa!

Kennedy & Harper!

Grace & Kennedy!

Harlee's turn!

I just love these two shots!!!

Sweet Girls! 

Opening presents! 

Delivering bubba his book that she opened for him!

Surprise!!! Happy Birthday, Chris!

Photo booth fun at the party!

Mile 19!

Almost there!

We did it!!!

The ride home! :)

The best part of coming home!!!! :)

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