Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Little Spoiling!

Brian and I had a fun weekend get away, and we left our precious kiddos in excellent hands...Gran(Mimi) and Poppy! We are blessed to have such wonderful family willing to step in and let us have a little time off. While we were gone, one of Drake's nurses brought pumpkins for painting! We loved receiving pictures of all of their fun activities while we were out of town! It's football season...so with my parents that means Drake and Kennedy are now well versed in college football! We could tell that Kennedy had fun with her Grandparents, and I know they had a wonderful time, too! However, they looked a little tuckered out themselves so I'm sure they were ready to get back home and rest up for their next visit! 

Drake's special needs car seat arrived today!!! We began the process back in May, and have been eager for things to fall into place! He doesn't travel in the car very often these days, but when he does, it's usually for extended periods of time. This one will provide extra support for our little man, and it is rated for up to 105#. He'll be able to use this for quite some time! We'll be testing it out for the 1st time tomorrow when we head to the pediatricians office for their flu shots. 

Tummy Time swing!!!

Pumpkin painting!

Hand painting!

Drake did some painting, too!

Football time!

Playing in her room!

Love this!
Pjs, Drake's swim hat, Mimi's iPad...I have no words! 

Sweet boy!

This was her running through the maze last week in Dallas. Pure joy!

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