Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Out & About

Our weekend was full of errands, chores, and a little fun! We planned on cleaning the house after our errands, but we sure are glad that our friends talked us into attending a local festival...Vine Day at Kiepersol Vineyard. Kennedy was such a good girl! A two year old can be an emotional roller-coaster so I’m quite thankful we had a happy girl with us. Although, she does seem to hold the extreme mood swings in for our home viewing. 
 We were without a night nurse on Sunday night, but we made it through. Drake didn’t sleep the entire night; however, he did sleep for the majority. For some reason, Kennedy woke up during the night, too. At one point, it was pretty crowded on the couch with Kennedy, Harlee and me. I was excited to sleep back in my own bed last night! Lisa came in early on Monday morning to help out…”Thank you, Lisa!”
 Yesterday we had a HUGE adventure to the Caldwell Zoo! My friend and her precious little girl (Stacy and Grace) met us there. This was a 1st for Drake, Harper and Grace! Nurse Lisa learned pretty quickly that after our many years of teaching and field trips, Stacy and I know the zoo by heart. The weather was perfect and all of the kiddos did an amazing job! We chose a Monday strategically to avoid crowds. Schools don’t tend to have field trips on Mondays; therefore, it was a nice quiet day at the zoo with minimal other guests. 
 Speaking of getting out and about...I was invited to attend a continued education conference for therapist here in Tyler on Friday. The topic was High Risk Infants and I had already been asked if Drake could be used as a Case Study. We gladly agreed and gathered the information needed several weeks ago. I was also asked to speak as a parent about what we look for in a therapist coming into our home to work with our son. What an honor to represent the parents of special needs children! Brian and I discussed what is most important to us, and I’m sure it isn’t surprising that we look for someone to treat our child and not his diagnoses. We love when our therapists see the potential in Drake that we see in him, and when they are not afraid to push him toward meeting his full potential.
Fun at the Caldwell Zoo!
Look, mama!
Drake, Lisa & a rhino!
A walk in our neighborhood with Harper & Grace!

Drake holding Harper!

Shopping at Sam's!

Kiepersol Vine Day!

Saturday night fun at Harper's house! The Grant kitchen was full of laughter!

He loves to shake, shake, shake!!! Love his smile!

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  1. wonderful pictures love the last one drake is so beautiful