Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Adventures in Dallas

BIG Day in BIG D! Our morning began bright and early at 5am. Getting everything ready, feeds given, car packed, and everyone ready takes a little time. Even with our itemized list, we are still bound to forget something...this time it was the wheelchair/stroller canopy. No worries...we improvised with an umbrella. Problem solved!

Not only did our day begin early, but so did the day for Gran aka (Mimi) and Aunt Mere. They met us at BOCH (Baylor Our Children’s House) down in Dallas to pick up Kennedy and Harper at 9am. Their car full headed to The Dallas Arboretum while we headed into Vent Clinic. Drake did awesome and received a really outstanding report! His chest x-ray looked really clear and his blood work was perfect! Our plan is to continue weaning his vent gradually over the next 6 weeks as long as he tolerates everything. He is a strong boy and I have high hopes for him! Next up...nutrition...well, our “husky” little boy is going on a bit of a diet. His daily calories are being reduced because he has gained too much weight. He was supposed to maintain from our last vent clinic and instead he gained 3 pounds! Also, we are going to start trying to wean his diuretics. YIKES! He will still have them as needed when he gets under the weather and starts to retain fluids. I pray that he is able to do well and keep his urine output up without the daily diuretics.   

After vent clinic we did a breathing treatment and a feed, then headed out to meet up with the girls at the Arboretum. It was SO much fun!!! We obviously don’t get out very much, especially all of us, and this was quite a treat! The kids had such a wonderful time and even got their faces painted. Kennedy picked out what she wanted on her face and sat calm and still for the process. I was very impressed. Drake did great, too! Although, he is always a good sport so that wasn’t a surprise.

We hit the road this morning at 7am and arrived home at 6pm. That’s a long day for anyone...especially little kids. They were all 3 super troopers! I love their flexibility and willingness to roll with the punches! Kennedy, Harper and I headed back out with Harper’s mom and a dear friend to visit some of our other friends who just became first time parents. Today was certainly an exciting little day trip, and I’m already thinking about ideas for our next adventure!

Working hard at home!
               Messy Girl!
 Drake seeing his face painted!
          Hanging out at Vent Clinic
 Kennedy & Harper with their faces painted
 Monday night I ran into these loves on my run!
         Waiting patiently at vent clinic!

   Two little darlings looking precious with their face paint!
                                                                       Our Dallas Adventure Crew today: Jacob, Harper, Drake, Elizabeth & Kennedy!
           Kennedy and Cousin Jacob!
 Arriving at the Arboretum with our umbrella canopy!
Our sweet friend let Harlee out while we were gone and he even got to take a golf cart ride around the neighborhood! Our friends are so good to us!

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  1. What a bunch!! Love the pic with all 5! Harlee looks like he enjoyed the day of peace & quiet!! Lol