Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Laughter, Tears & a New Ride!

Lots and lots of laughter...that’s what our weekend was filled with to the brim...and overflowing a little bit! Brian’s sister and brother came for the weekend and we had a fun visit with Aunt Gigi and Uncle Matt! I wish they both lived closer so that we could visit more often. On Saturday night I filled in as our night nurse since our regular nurse was out for a family function. It was obvious that Drake enjoyed staying up with the adults after Kennedy went to bed. As “mommy-nurse,” I have to say that Drake was an excellent patient! I put him to bed at midnight and he slept through until 8:30 the next morning. This is HUGE for Drake!!! He does not sleep very much, so the fact that he slept for 8.5 straight hours was amazing! He slept through his 3am breathing treatments, 7am breathing treatments, meds, and 8am feeding...plus a diaper change! And...yes, I did brag about this to his regular night nurses :)

Our little Diva...aka Kennedy, has been the easiest child ever to put to bed or down for a nap. Drake’s therapists were amazed when they saw her bring her blankie and ask to go night-night for her daily nap. I guess all good things must come to an end, or we just have a strong willed 2 year old toddler on our hands. She has decided that she no longer wants to go to bed at bedtime or nap time for that matter. Does she cry? Oh, yes she cries. It is exhausting! Our night routine has not changed. She knows exactly what to expect: breathing treatment, brushing teeth, reading a story, saying our prayers, and tucking her into bed. After a full week of protesting at bedtime, last night went really smoothly...tonight, not so much. At least she only cried for 5min tonight. Hopefully, after another week or two we will have our easy bedtime baby back.

Drake’s physical therapist went to a training on Friday. While she was there, she messaged me about some measurements for Drake: his height and head circumference. At first, I didn’t know what she needed these for during her training, but I gladly retrieved a tape measure and began collecting his information. Great News...She was able to get him a tricycle!!! His VERY own tricycle! It is a tricycle adapted for children with special needs! Apparently, companies donate money for the construction of the bikes, and then they are given to children with special needs. After a kiddo has outgrown their tricycle, it is then given to another child. That is how Drake received his! Unlike most new things (which Drake hates new things) he was completely content while his therapist made adjustments to his new ride. We even took it outside for a quick spin! It’s still a little big for him, just as Kennedy’s is for her, but they will both be able to reach the peddles in no time! Oh, the fun we are going to have with this new toy!  

Drake laughing with Aunt Gigi!

Going for a walk!

Silly daddy!

Come on, papa!

Playtime with papa!

Such a sad face! Whenever she gets into trouble, she stands still like a statue and makes such a sad face. Good news...she goes back to her smiling self quickly!

Interlocking his fingers on his own!!! Great for midline! 

Nice wheels, buddy! 

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