Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Celebrating Daddy!

Getting to have Daddy home on a Tuesday is a treat in and of itself, but today was even more special because we were able to celebrate his birthday with him on his actual birthday! We had fun crafting presents and anticipating his reaction when he arrived home! Considering it was a birthday on a budget, I think we did pretty darn good...minus a steak dinner (which apparently he was hoping for)! Oh well, maybe next year.

Drake is doing wonderful! We have begun increasing his time with his PMV (Passy Muir Valve) and he has been able to make a few sounds! Mostly sad little whimpers, but I’m excited to hear sounds from our little man! The dehumidifier that Brian bought for our livingroom seems to really be helping Drake during our drastic changes in humidity. He is tolerating his AFO (leg braces) more and more, and he is even able to wear them while he is in his stander. He also has really been enjoying his new tummy time swing!

Drake has had some Mickey button issues for about a week and a half. The site became irritated and painful. After consulting with his pediatrician, she referred us back to his original pediatric surgeon. We started him on some medications (both internal and topical) and attempted to change out his button. I was scared when his button showed resistance and did not want to come out. His surgeon suggested to give the mediations a few more days and then try once more with a little more force. If we ran into problems again, we would need to come in and have the surgeon perform the switch. Thankfully, it did not come to that! We were able to successfully change his button out today and he seems better already!

Kennedy is an awesome little helper! She is ready and eager to get anything that we need for Drake or baby Harper. She is also willing to share her food, snacks or drinks. I love that she wants to share...the only problem is that Drake and Harper are not ready for that yet. After asking to share with Bubba and baby, she settles for sharing with Mama, Dada, or one of Drake’s nurses. Today we practiced with her during the day so that she would be ready to greet daddy with a “Happy Birthday, Daddy” when he arrived home. Our project was a success! They were both grinning from ear to ear!

Enjoying his new swing!

He pulled his shirt up and started sucking on it while working with his Speech Therapist. This was definitely a first! :)

Freebirds lunch with mommy & daddy!

Family dinner! One of our nurses was out sick and we only had partial coverage. We love our nurses, but having a family dinner with just the 4 of us was a nice treat! 

iPad story time! 

Just hanging out together on the floor. Kennedy lasted for about 30 seconds :)

A picture from the birthday party in McKinney a few weeks ago with my dear friend Lindsey and her precious little girl Lillie! 

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  1. awesome family so nice that things are going well babies are beautiful