Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Fun in the Sun!

Our Memorial Day weekend was full of fun and excitement! Not only was this our 1st weekend with our new nurses, but we also had a visit from Uncle Matt & Yea-Yea (Brian's brother and mom)! We are not able to see them as much as we would like; therefore, every visit is packed with good times! 

Drake had a great weekend and he definitely likes both of his new nurses. He has already manipulated them into holding him all of the time...and he loves that! They have both been quick learners with Drake's needs and routines. I love seeing the excitement when new people are impressed with Drake's abilities! We are extremely hopeful about weaning him off of the vent! He is gaining so much strength, and he is very close to rolling over. We need him off of the vent and able to freely move about on exercise mats to truly tap into his full potential. 

On Sunday, Drake's nurse and Yea-Yea stayed here at the house while Brian, Kennedy and I went out on the lake with some friends. This was Kennedy's very first time out on a boat. For her first time, I would say she did pretty good; although, she didn't love it...yet. There will be plenty more boat rides in her future, so I'm sure she will feel more comfortable with a little more time. 

1st time on a boat!!!

She loves her daddy!

Fun with mommy & daddy!

Nap time on the boat.


Happy Boy!

Story time with Yea-Yea!

Yea-Yea sings the best songs!

Watermelon!!! :)

Photos by Kennedy! I caught her taking pictures with my phone :)

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  1. awesome pictures glad you got to get out this weekend